Full Moon Dreamboard: August

Even though I’ve been following Jamie Ridler for months now, this is my first-ever Full Moon Dreamboard.  This month Jamie told us to use our intuition as we were finding images, and -as I did this at the very last minute and had only Google for help- I did just that! With an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender on to distract Xander, I quickly typed any word I that came to mind into Google’s image search.  Then I saved any that stood out.  I sorta kinda LOVE what came out of it.

Here’s my Full Moon Dreamboard.  I don’t know what it all means yet, but I know that it makes me shiver with genuine joy when I look at it:

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  1. Welcome to the dreamboard experience! You have done perfectly! 🙂 I love the mosaic feel from this. I see so much colour balanced by serene neutral images. Motion and stillness, balance. Beautiful!

  2. LOVELY! I can see why it causes you shivers… and welcome to dreamboarding with the full moon and the rest of us at Jamie’s place. Its been a few months with me – Summer at home with the kids tends to leave lots of threads and strings hanging. Grateful to know you (and your dreams) now.

  3. I like your board. It seems like looking into your spirit…each little tile representing a cell that makes up you whole. Thanks for sharing.

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