Monday: Intention

Andrea at ABCcreativity urges us to find an intention for each week -a word to live by, something we wish to manifest in our lives for the next seven days.  Last week I chose the intentions of {faith} and {possibility}, choosing to keep my mind and heart open and see what magic the universe had in store for me.  And man…did it EVER deliver.  I made progress on so many fronts: I rediscovered an old business workbook and it’s leading me into new territory with Spirit Moves Dance, I bought a domain name for a completely different business that I’ve always joked about starting up…imagine my surprise when the name wasn’t taken (more on this soon), I found out that a new friend of mine is starting a healing centre next year and is looking for Reiki people (I’m sort of a Reiki person, and I know a lovely Reiki person), and I discovered all kinds of magical connection and synchronicity on the internet just by following my instincts.  Oh, and as you already know, I made a dreamboard (funny story about that…the other day we were driving along and I looked up at the car in front of us…and there I saw ONE OF THE PHOTOS FROM MY DREAMBOARD.  Not even kidding.  See?  Magic).  And then on Saturday I held my third Groove Back event and opened the floor for further expansion (which means that if you live in Halifax and you’re interested and you let me know…YOU can come!). It was a beautiful week.

So as we moved into this week I really wanted to pick an intention that would perfectly encapsulate the way I wanted to be.  It once again took me a while, but the one I settled on is {Centre}. Last week was a magical whirl, but it’s left me feeling a little frantic and a little head-y.  It’s time to get grounded, get out of my head, to breathe and BE and let things come (because, I’ll admit it, I’m still holding on to a little of the {faith} and {possibility} from last week ;-P). There are so many things I could totally freak out about…but WHY? Stay centred, stay grounded, and trust things to come clear -that’s my intention for this week.

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    1. I have to say, so far it has been a CHALLENGE. I found last week MUCH easier….but it’s good.
      Andrea, I have to tell you how much I’m enjoying the weekly intentions. It really does make a huge difference in the way I’m living my life -I’m much more aware. It’s great. THANK YOU!!!

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