Monday Intention: Flow

Oh, September, you crazy month.  You’re so full of change and shifting and magic.  Sometimes you’re brim-full of joy…and sometimes you’re downright terrifying.

My intention for this week (in addition to my overarching intention of blossoming) is to {flow}.

I’m feeling a lot of stress today.  Part of it is due to inaction on my part -there are things I should be doing, and I’m not doing them, and that makes me really tense.  Part of it is due to the need to wait for other people -there isn’t anything I can do about these things, and that means that I sit here and worry about every eventuality and get doubly stressed.  So my intention this week is to flow.  I need to breathe, to centre, and to take one step at a time.  No borrowing trouble.  No undermining my own confidence.  One. Step. At. A. Time.  Relax into the flow.


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  1. Flow is great and yes September is a crazy month, which I think causes all of us to some sort of inactivity. I hope your week has been going great and that your really did Flow into it.

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