Monday Intention: {Fun}

So, last week’s intention of {lightness} was a rousing success!  We are well on our way to having a manageable houseful of belongings as opposed to an overwhelming mess of stuff.  We dropped off an entire carload of unsellable (on kijiji) stuff the other day, and I’ve sold over $1000 worth of other things (an old car seat, some old toys and clothes, a bed frame we weren’t using, some unused kitchen appliances).  It feels great to let things go to people who want them, and it feels even better (as a stay at home mom) bringing some money in and helping out with this move financially.

Still some progress to be made, as I said…I’ve got some chairs that still need to go, and my parents are taking back a load of furniture they lent us.  But on the whole I’m starting to feel like most of the stuff in this house is really Us and has a reason to be here…if you know what I mean.  Garbage day is going to be fun this week: old box springs, a broken exersaucer, and a dead fan are all scheduled to hit the curb.  I’m looking forward to it!

This week my intention is to find the {fun}.  I’ve been enjoying this process, don’t get me wrong, but as time ticks by I’ve also been FREAKING OUT.  Freaking out is not fun, and it’s not helpful.  I get more done when I approach things in a spirit of joy and embracing challenge, and that’s what I want to do this week.  I also want to remember to take it easy on myself, to breathe, to rest when I need to.  I don’t want to head out on our pre-move family trip and be a total wreck for the entire time!  It’s all about balance here (which could have been my intention, but I like {fun} better!

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