Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish for an abundance of?

Today Jamie Ridler asks us, “What do you wish for an abundance of?”

This brought me up short because I have been focusing so much on {less} this week.  Less and lightness and space and…ooooh wait!  That’s when I remembered this post by Leo Babauta at zenhabits.net about white space (you know, the space in a picture that isn’t filled with stuff).  He writes about how white space gives you clarity (the ability to focus on the important/meaningful/beautiful things in your life) and peace.  Matthew and I have been paring down our stuff: selling some (lots more to go), giving some away, giving some back, and donating some.  With every piece that leaves our home there is this feeling of lightness, of freedom, of space…white space.

Take tonight, for example: tonight Matthew and I went through our rather-large DVD collection and pared it down to the essentials.  What DVDs could we absolutely not live without?  And as I looked at the reduced-by-two-thirds bookshelves I had this wonderful warm and cozy feeling in my chest.  The DVDs on that shelf were US.  It was a representation of what was most important and meaningful to us, what was so much a part of our development that we couldn’t let them go.  Everything else had just been clutter gunking up the lovely potentially-white space.  Dirty Dancing 2?  Totally not-essential.  And the same went for Wayne’s World.

So, sure, of course I wish for an abundance of money and love and everything else that you think of when you think “abundance”…but my official Wishcasting Wednesday wish this week is for more white space.

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