Happy Birthday to ME.

October 15th.

Today is my double-champagne birthday.

Don’t know what that is?  That’s OK.  I made it up.  Your champagne birthday is when you turn the same age as the number of the day of the month.  I turned 15 on my champagne birthday.  But today I turn 30.  So it’s my double-champagne birthday and I get to drink TWICE the champagne.  Only, in point of fact, I don’t get to do that until tomorrow because today is uber-insane-day-before-moving-day-and-oh-yeah-people-are-coming-to-view-the-house-too.  ACK.

Needless to say, while I feel like today *should* feel like a momentous occasion in birthdays, the truth is that it does not feel like a birthday at all.  Or it didn’t…until my husband told me his idea for my present.

I asked for 2 things for my birthday: a new purse and membership in Goddess Leonie’s Goddess Circle.  When we were in Toronto I found and was given a MARVELOUS Guess bag in shades of purple leather with studs and a shoulder strap (I have never felt such perfect love for an accessory in my ENTIRE life).  And today Matthew said “What I really want to give you is the Turquoise Membership to the Goddess Circle.”  My jaw dropped.  That, right there, is beyond my wildest dreams.  Seriously.  Way too expensive, I told myself.  Way too much.  I don’t deserve it.  But you know what?  WHAT A WAY TO CELEBRATE THIRTY!!!  To have a whole year of magical goddess goodies and personal coaching and healing and workshops and connection?  It’s perfect.  Suddenly my birthday, which was feeling so anticlimactic, became special.

We’re not signing me up today.  We’re waiting until we’ve settled into the new place a little.  I don’t want the energy of this house anywhere near my Goddess Year.  But yeah…I’m beyond happy about it.  Happy birthday to ME.


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