What to do when Everything Sucks (the list)

The lovely Goddess Leonie recently made a post about her list of things to do when everything sucks.  By “recently” I mean “a while ago, but I have been a) insanely busy, b) in a place where I actually needed this list too much to make one because I was too cranky/upset/stressed to think of anything…if that makes sense.  Fun times.  But last night, after a truly terriblehorriblenogoodverybad day, I FINALLY made the list.  So, you know, next time I need it I’ll have it…I hope.

What To Do When Everything Sucks:

1. Give yourself permission to Not-Do whatever it is you’re trying to get done (for me it tends to be dishes).
2. Take a deep breath (or several).  Hyperventilating does NOT count.
3. Light a candle.
4. Smudge (at this point it doesn’t matter WHAT you smudge as long as you smudge something…cedar is my favourite smudge-material).
5. Sniff some vetivert, sandalwood, or lavender.
6. Smile at yourself in the mirror.
7. Take some Rescue Remedy.
8. Put on some dance-y music and…DANCE.
9. Choose giggles (play “chase-you” or make fart music)
10. Ask for a hug.
11. Sing.
12. Have some more tea.
13. Go for a walk in the woods.
14. Step into another room for a minute and Let It Out.
15. Call a friend.
16. Get more sleep that night.
17. Remind yourself that every day is a fresh start.

Items on the list don’t necessarily have to be done in this order, although I did arrange them in a way that made sense to me.  Some day I’d like to have the list memorized so as SOON as I feel crappy I can go “Ok, down the list we go!” and do it.


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