Monday Intention: {nestle]

It’s Monday! Time to think about what I want to manifest in my life this week and set an intention!

This week my intention is {nestle}.  Here’s why:

1. We have FINALLY freed ourselves of the rented house (as of yesterday), so this is our first week solely in the new apartment.  I want to nestle into this space, make it really and truly ours, make it home (it mostly feels like home, but it will feel even MORE like it when all the boxes are gone).
2. It’s a brand new month!  I have big plans for November…lots of positive changes to make.  I want to nestle into this month and make friends with it and use every day to its fullest.
3. I just got my Goddess Circle membership (YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!) and I want to nestle into that space as well…really explore it, create a home there, have some fun, meet some people.

I’m sure there are lots of other words I could have used, but {nestle} conjures up such a warm, cozy feeling…exactly what I want my life to feel like right now!

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