Monday Intention (on Thursday): {Kindness}


I am late late late.  I had an intention all picked out (it was {purpose})….and then I hit a massive, paralyzing case of writer’s block and fell off the wagon with my 1000-words-a-day writing challenge, and all of my inner critics got very VERY loud…and…well…I decided I needed a new intention.

My intention for the rest of this week (and until this writer’s block sorts itself out) is {kindness}.  Mostly to myself.  I want to stop telling myself that this is laziness or failure or all of the other things I keep telling myself (I am SO MEAN to myself!).  I want to allow myself to rest and take some time and appreciate the fact that I have written SEVENTY FIVE pages this month (!!!!), and not feel so guilty about taking some time off and not making my quota this week.

I KNOW that this will all sort itself out and that the words will flow when they’re ready.  But I need to remember that.  I need to trust myself to write when I’m ready.  I need to be gentle with myself while I wait for that to happen.  And, for crying out loud, I need to be OK with relaxing and doing things I WANT to do and not just things I feel like I SHOULD do.

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