Monday Intention: {stand}

Happy Monday!

I’m going through some kind of transformation right now.  I’m realizing things about myself -seeing patterns that I didn’t know were there.  And I’m feeling so much more connected to the Universe than I have since Xander was born.  I’m meditating almost every day.  I’m dreaming again (I haven’t dreamed regularly since I was pregnant).  It’s amazing.

But.  But but but.  But along with all of this transformation and realization has come challenges.  Like last week’s writer’s block (which I still have, but I’m no longer torturing myself about it).  Like this past weekend when a (well-meaning) friend made me feel small and judged and wrong and exactly the way I used to feel when I was a child…and I couldn’t break free of my pattern and stand up for myself.

Standing.  It’s about Knowing who I am, Valuing who I am, stepping into my Power.  I’m tired of apologizing and crawling and hiding.  I’m sick of being quiet.  So this week I stand.  I trust myself.  I stand.

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