5Rhythms Friday: Statement of Intention

Five years ago I bought a book called Sweat Your Prayers.  I read it, and every line of it called out to my spirit.  My heart and soul cried “Yes…yes…YES” as I read, and my feet longed to dance.  And for a while they did dance.  But then life and emotional baggage and “shoulds” and “can’ts” got in the way.  So the book went onto my bookshelf and stayed there.  It stayed there as I taught modern/improvisation/meditation-in-motion to ballet students and it stayed there as I developed my YogaDance business.  And it stayed there for all the years in between then and now.  Until last weekend.

I picked up the book and I started reading, and it was “Yes…yes…YES” all over again…only MORE so.  So I decided to do something with it.

Gabrielle Roth’s Moving Center school and its 5Rhythms classes are the ONLY reason I would EVER say the following: “I really wish I lived in NYC”  They don’t have 5Rhythms classes in NS.  Someday I’m going to make it out to a workshop…as soon as I can, in fact.  It’s a dream of mine.  But until then…

I am keeping Sweat Your Prayers off the bookshelf.  I am going to read it and dance it every day.  I am going to learn it by heart and by experience.  And once a week I am going to share part of my experience with you.

(OK, OK, this is an old photo.  Getting new ones is on my to-do list.  But you get the idea.)

Right now I’m just getting started (on Day 4 of daily dancing), but I wanted to state my intention on here…and to share this quote that brought all of my New Years goals into sharp focus:

Mine is a dancing path.  My bible is the body because the body can’t lie.  My master is rhythm.  There is no dogma in the dance.  When you let your body dance you immediately strip away the lies and the dogma until all you’re left with is the spirit of life itself.  Movement is medicine, and I trust that if you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself.  […]

You have to dance through the dark in order to see the light.  You have to go to the source of all our wounds, the big wound, the divorce of spirit from flesh, and heal this wound if you ever want to fulfill the longing for a real self, a soulful self, a big, huge self, one that sleeps with the Beloved.

Amen, sister.  Here’s to 5Rhythms Fridays!

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  1. When that book came out I was in my second year of seminary and when I saw it on the bookstore shelves I thought “this book is gonna CHANGE MY LIFE”. And to this day my heart still sings when I see it on my shelf. I miss movement practice with others, but am satisfied jumping about alone when I am motivated to do so. The CDs that guide you through the rhythms are helpful at establishing the practice when you are on your own. LOVE.

    1. I LOVE those CDs! I have a ton of Gabrielle Roth tracks, and I’m starting to use the guided “body parts” tracks all the time, even when I want to do my own thing for the main practice. 😀

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