What if…

What if…

What if your dream wasn’t far off on the horizon, a distant vision?
What if you didn’t have to wait until you were stronger, smarter, thinner, more brave,  more qualified…more “worthy”?
What if you could bring your dream to life right now?
What if you were already enough?

It isn’t.
You don’t.
You can.
And you are.

What if you could release the “shoulds,” the expectations, the “common sense,” and simply follow the delight?

For months and years I’ve waited for courage, for knowledge, for permission, for…what?
I told myself “You’re not enough. You’re not worthy. You have nothing to offer.”

You know what?

I am worthy. Right now. And so are you.

Why do we do this to ourselves?
Silence our voices and squelch our longing
in an endless quest for worthiness?
Why do we wait, when movement is the only thing
that will bring us the knowledge and experience we crave?
When standing still is painful, pushing against the abundant flow of the Universe?

Saying “it needs to be this way” when the glow of our heart says otherwise?


What if we claimed our own worth
And allowed ourselves to do what brings us joy, makes our heart sing,
and paints our world in jewel-bright colours?

What if we gently made space for small miracles
And began living the seeds of our dream now, just as we are?

What if we danced to the beat of our magical heart?

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