5Rhythms Friday: All Lit Up Inside


Kind of a big week for me.

Just a little bit HUGE.

Let’s see…
1. Interview with Jamie Ridler for her Creative Living With Jamie podcast (yes, I promise to announce the air date as soon as I know it, and then to link to the podcast once it’s up).

It was utterly amazing to talk to her in person…she is a complete delight, just like I knew she would be, and talking to her was a dream come true (seriously…in her podcast she says “who knows, one day I might just be talking to you,” and I used to think “Yes, someday…” :D)

2. Booking and announcing my first-ever session of the Dancing Mamas Tribe here in Halifax, a class that was 2.5 years in the making (or 30 years in the making…you could look at it that way too…).

Announcing this class was a huge deal for me, because it’s a concrete and public way of saying “Yes. I am making this happen. Let’s do this.”

(Looks a little scary from the top…but here we go…1…2…3…)

I’ve been agonizing over what to write today and trying and trying and trying to come up with a big-ass blog post. But really, I think I’ve already said all I can this week (even if you won’t hear it for a week or two). So I’m just going to keep this short:

When the Universe asks you to Dance…say Yes.

Don’t let fear keep you from feeling the wild exhilaration of living your dreams. The first few “YES”es may be scary…but I get the distinct feeling that after a while it becomes a habit. So do it. Say yes. I’ll see you on the dance floor.

(…the ride is SO worth it. Look at that face! I know how he feels!)

(All lit up inside)

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  1. Love the take-home message. 🙂 It reminds me of the little “fortune” that was printed on the foil that wrapped a Dove chocolate: Listen to your heartsong and dance. I’ve hung onto it for years!

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