All you need to do is start.

As I was listening to my interview on Creative Living with Jamie (I will never get tired of saying that! :P), I realized that one of my favourite parts got cut off in the technical glitch. So I thought that I would share it (or a version of it) here. I’ll share my 5Rhythms Friday post either tonight or Saturday:

Here is what I would say to creative beings who are just starting out on their journey:

Just start. It doesn’t matter what you do. Just play. Follow the joy. And remember this:

Everything in this world -the books you read, the movies you watch, the songs you hear, the buildings you walk through…everything began as someone’s creative dream. At some point, everything in this world was an idea in someone’s head. And that someone dreamed about it and worried about it and worked on it and decided to have faith in it in spite of everything…until it came to be in this world.

(From the recipe we used to the tower he’s standing on to the clothes he’s covering with chocolate to the music that was playing while we made brownies…this moment -like EVERY moment- was full of dreams made real)

I find that so immensely inspiring. The people who created these things were (and are) just like me and you. They worried, they doubted, they questioned. They messed up, they started over. But they kept working…and playing. And they did it. And now it’s real.

And this means that you can do this too. Your ideas and inspirations are just as valid, just as full of possibility. And all you need to do is start.



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