Let’s Get Grounded: An experiment to try Right Now

Want to try a fun experiment?

Wherever you are right now, and whatever else you’re doing…just stop for a second.


Wiggle your toes.

You heard me. It doesn’t matter if you’re barefoot or in sock feet or in sneakers, bedroom slippers, or stilettos.

Wiggle them. Take your awareness down to those little tootsies of yours. Feel them moving. Press them out as wide as they can go. Move them up and down. Caress the surface underneath you, be it the floor or your shoes or whatever…give a little toe-y rub to whatever’s there.

Now take a deep breath in….and sigh it out. Aaaahhhhh.

How do you feel?

I’ve been doing this a LOT lately. Not tapping my feet or jiggling my leg, but reaching out with my toes and feeling with them. Just wiggling them. And ever since I started doing this, I feel more grounded and present. The other day I was feeling indefinably sad and I couldn’t get it to go away. I also couldn’t figure out what was the matter. So I wiggled my toes. We were on a road trip at the time, and I wiggled my toes all the way down the highway (safety tip: I was NOT driving. I don’t know if I can recommend this activity while driving…but on the other hand WHY ARE YOU READING THIS WHILE YOU’RE DRIVING ANYWAY?! KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD).

You know what happened while I wiggled my toes and breathed deeply and stared out the window?

I started to cry.

The simple act of toe-wiggling made that indefinable mood come out and express itself. And after about 10 minutes I was done crying, and all of a sudden I knew what my problem was…and I could take steps to fix it. And then I felt better.

Want to know what my problem was?

TOO BAD. Not going to tell you today. But I promise to tell you tomorrow.

In the meantime, wiggle those toes.

You can do it almost anywhere. And you’ll be glad you did.



13 thoughts on “Let’s Get Grounded: An experiment to try Right Now”

  1. Hello, Meg Goodmanson.
    Interesting post on Toe-Wiggling.
    Toe -Wiggling is an important exercise.
    I started exercising this way after having read
    about it in Stephen T. Changs book about
    Internal Exercises, and it has proven very
    beneficial. It is an old Taoist exercise, and according to
    Chinese Medicine, the meridians begin/end in the feet.
    Wiggling the toes relaxes the meridians, thereby improving
    the flow of energy.
    Toe-Wiggling also stimulates nerves that awakens the brain.
    It is an exercise that relaxes the whole body, and is therefore
    also used to improve sleep.
    I agree with you on the grounding aspect; after doing Toe-Wiggling,
    I feel light in the body and deeply grounded.
    This is an exercise worth practising.

    Yours sincerely,
    Christian Schyberg

    1. Hi Christian,
      Wow! I had no idea! It makes so much sense to me, though. It’s the most powerful (and most commonly used) tool in my “feel better” collection.
      Thanks for commenting!


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