Unexpected side-effects of toe-wiggling may include epiphanies…

Well hello there!

Let’s see, where were we?

Ah yes, I was mercilessly keeping you in suspense about my grand toe-wiggling-induced epiphany. (Read it first so this makes a little more sense)

So there I was in the car, wiggling my toes and crying. And all of a sudden it was like a lightbulb flicked on.

“Oh…my…gawd. I HATE MY CLOTHES.”

Now, to be clear, this was not an “I must shop to numb the pain of my existence” kind of thing. This was me realizing that I was wearing gray pants, a black T-shirt, a black hoodie, and ugly white sneakers, and that THEY ALL MADE ME FEEL LIKE UTTER CRAP. To the point of tears (OK, the tears were partly because I wanted to go and buy a whole new wardrobe and I was busily telling myself that we couldn’t afford such a frivolous expense).

(Yeah, I KNOW it’s slimming. But that doesn’t mean it makes me happy…)

Now that I think about it, this has been coming on for a while.

There was a post by The Happiest Mom about how we should buy only clothing that we feel fantastic in (as opposed to my recent shopping mentality: “It’s just gonna get stained anyway, so let’s get something cheap that looks half-decent, and let’s make it black so that the stains won’t show so much)

There was a post by The Word Cellar, which talks about having clothes that “don’t fit” you (personally, not physically) and the amazing process of discovering a style you love.

There was a prompt from Jamie Ridler’s wonderful Sparkles e-course which talked about going through your wardrobe and putting on “perhaps a poppy red cardigan, Prussian blue skirt, saffron stockings and a t~shirt that reminds you of wisteria.” My senses reeled and I was overcome with longing to own clothes like that and have those choices.

Honestly, the signs were there even earlier. When I was planning our wedding in 2005, I was thisclose to buying a red version of my bridesmaids’ dresses to wear at the reception, until I decided it would be too expensive (still kicking myself over that one), and I desperately wanted red shoes to wear under my wedding dress, only NO store in Halifax sold shoes big enough for me and I had to get a pair of my old sandals painted gold (no red paint, I guess). You get the idea.

So here’s what I’ve realized: I like colour. I like LOTS of colour. That’s why I ADORE my 30th-birthday-purse.

(More than six months later, the utter fabulosity of this purse still has not worn off)

And why, if my feet were narrower, I would live in my purple Converse low-tops.

(Super-adorable and my favourite shoes ever, even though I can’t walk more than a couple blocks without blisters)

Forget all-black or all-neutral. Give me allcolour all the time.

I am ditching my black and gray pants (which are maternity pants, btw….yeah…) and I have taken all of my black shirts and put them on a shelf in my closet. As far as I’m concerned they can stay there (except maybe for that 3/4 sleeve snap-up blouse with the see-through stars all over it…that could work with something bright underneath…). I’m retiring all of my sensible so-small-you-can’t-see-them pendants (which leaves me with exactly 4 necklaces…we have some shopping to do, people!).

The next coat I buy will be something red or purple and AWESOME. And my friend Krista, who generously lent me her fabulous turquoise hat on the day of my epiphany, will have to PRY IT FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS TO GET IT BACK. Or, you know, help me find a similar one 😛

(LOVE that hat. LOVE it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!)

So there it is. Goodbye black. Hello, colour. I am blossoming out in rainbow shades. And it feels amazing. Now, if I can just find some spare cash to shop with…

What do YOU love to wear? What makes YOU feel like a rockstar? Is there any way you can wear those clothes a little more or keep them in mind next time you shop? Because really, isn’t life to short not to let your inner fabulousness shine out?

Oh. Hells. Yes.

11 thoughts on “Unexpected side-effects of toe-wiggling may include epiphanies…”

  1. Yup, I went through the whole “always buy black” thing. And it depressed me horribly. Last time I went shopping I bought a purple sweater, a jade green long sleeved top, and a purple flowered short sleeved one. And it was awesome.

    Because of working with all the little kids with their always-runny noses, Monday through Friday I wear men’s t-shirts and ratty jeans. I just realized the other day how much it bothers me. So this weekend I’m going to buy a couple of second-hand nurses’ uniforms. Cool, comfortable, easy to wash – and when the last kid goes home, I can change into something that makes me feel good. This post is very appropriate for me!

  2. The first time I went clothes shopping after Violet was born (she was six months old) I bought only clothes that I loved, and I accepted that they would probably get stained and thrown up on, but I thought “at least I’ll be thrown up on in style!” I really, really need to go clothes shopping again. All the clothes that I love, are all too small for me. Even the “normal me” sized clothes do not button up. Of course my maternity clothes are all too big for me. I really do think my lack of wardrobe has contributed quite a bit to my crummy feelings. It’s one thing to be trapped at home, but it’s another to feel like a slob while you’re doing it! What I wouldn’t give for a pair of blue jeans that fit!

  3. Red is my favorite color, so I REALLY love pic #2.

    I think your epiphany is totally valid and understandable. It’s why on rainy days I try to wear something colorful and exciting, even though all I want to do is dress in gray pants, a black sweater, and call it a dreary day. Fake it till you make it, right? Also, from what I’ve read here on your blog, um, you’re quite a vibrant and colorful human being. Don’t hide yourself behind “sad” colors!

    I’m also impressed how the toe wiggling led to this discovery for you. I did the toe wiggling exercise this morning and busted out into some kind of full-body shaking/voodoo dance. Because once the toes move, my fingers instinctively move, then the hands, then the arms, then, well, there I go!!

    1. Thanks! Red is one of my favourites too…which is why I’m appalled by the fact that I have exactly one red shirt. TSK TSK, self! I’ve been dressing in colours ever since my epiphany, and MAN does it make a difference! And it’s changing my shopping habits too! I bought earrings! And GREEN pants! And something white! OOOoooOOOOooooh 😛 My dream is to find a purple hoodie to replace my black one, but sadly, the current fashion trend seems to be NO COLOUR AT ALL. *sigh* Why couldn’t I have had this epiphany LAST year when EVERYTHING was colourful?! I think I should try the used clothing store next!

      I love that the toe-wiggling led to a full-body dance! I’m going to give that a try! Fun! Another friend of mine has found toe-wiggling to be very helpful in her job as a dayhome owner. Apparently it’s hard to LOSE YOUR MIND at kids when you’re toe-wiggling. I need to remember to try this next time Xander is being irritating 😉

  4. Yay, you! I feel the same way about wearing color and, here in NYC, I also sometimes feel like Rainbow Brite threw up on me as I stand on the subway amongst my fellow city-dwellers all dressed in their chic black and gray. But color makes me happy! Bring on the color! OXO

    1. YAY!!!! I have this mental image of you on that subway. I bet you make people smile (and if they’re too cool and New York-y to smile on the outside, I bet you make them smile on the inside!) 😀 XOX

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