…you’ve always been a dancer

I have learned so much about dance from my son.

When he was really small, he would kick his legs and move his tiny fists.

When he was a little older, he would hang on to things and bounce.

When he was older still, he would wave his hands and walk around.

And then he would run.

And now he jumps.

Before I had him, I knew theoretically that everyone is born a dancer. But now I know it first-hand.

Dance is innate. Every single one of us is born with this gift. Everyone. Including you.

Do you tap your feet to music? You’re dancing.

Do you nod your head to the beat? You’re dancing.

Do you prefer to work out to music? Dancing.

You don’t need lots of space, special clothes, or lessons.

You don’t need anything but you. Music is helpful, but optional.

Do you dance? Do you want to? You’ve always been a dancer.

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