How to be Astonished…before lunchtime

Before lunchtime yesterday.


  • Woke up on a comfortable bed and enjoyed a prolonged snuggle with my son.
  • Took a moment to enjoy the beauty of the world washed grey by the fog outside
  • Used indoor plumbing three times, and washed my hands with vanilla scented soap
  • Cuddled with Xander on a comfortable and well-loved sofa and discussed breakfast options (we have options!)
  • Took a long drink of fresh, clean water (took several, actually)
  • Petted a ridiculously affectionate fluffy cat (with a toddler, who was actually gentle)
  • Played a game of Monkey See Monkey Do with Xander (he is SO good at reminding me how to play…when I take the time to pay attention)

  • Opened a fridge and cupboards full of food and picked the foods I wanted to eat for breakfast from a wide range of options (we had cinnamon toast and blueberries, and they were delicious)
  • Had a family snuggle with Matthew and Xander
  • Made coffee for Matthew and savoured the smell (I can’t drink it because it makes me CRAZY, but oh, how I love the smell!)
  • Enjoyed my own GIANT mug of Red Rose tea with milk (my favourite drink, which does NOT make me crazy)
  • Kissed Matthew goodbye and chuckled as Xander performed his daily “saying goodbye to daddy” story in the hallway (complete with nonsense language and choreography of some kind as he acts out the story)
  • Folded and put away a rainbow spectrum of clean clothes that I love

  • Put my son in his stroller and went outside on a gloriously sunny and warm day
  • Was stopped by my neighbour, who presented Xander with a bag full of candy
  • Put up some of the AMAZING posters that my husband designed for my Dancing Mamas Tribe
  • Arrived at the library to find that there was a live presentation of gymnastics by a team from Denmark about to start. Watched incredible (and adorable) junior athletes tumble and dance in the sun, and got a little teary.

  • Turned homeward under clear blue skies and felt a breeze start to cool the sweat from my back as I pushed the stroller
  • Stopped at Starbucks to put up a poster, and enjoyed a free sample chocolate coconut frappuccino and a piece of cookie along with the incredible orange juice that I bought to share with Xander.
  • Enjoyed a moment on a sofa in the sweet, sweet air conditioning before heading back home.

And that was just before lunchtime!

I want to live every day like this.

I felt so grateful and blessed for everything in my life. I experienced so much more magic than I usually do (the gymnasts? the candy? I mean, come on!). And I felt more centred in my body than I have in a long while. More connected to my loved ones. Just…better.
I can’t recommend this highly enough.

13 thoughts on “How to be Astonished…before lunchtime”

  1. I need to work on this, too.

    I used to take the dayhome kids for a walk every morning. I’d always keep my eyes open for things to point out to them (lupins, bug nests, butterflies) and it was an amazing way to start the day feeling destressed.

    Now they are paving my road (yes, they are!) and because there’s heavy machinery everywhere it’s not safe to try and walk with that many untethered little ones. I miss my daily walks. I haven’t yet found anything to replace them and I need to put more effort into looking.

    1. Doing it outside is SO awesome! I’ve been trying that with Xander lately (as opposed to tuning out completely and letting him do his own thing, which never works). It’s so relaxing and healing…I mean, how often do we stop to rescue an inchworm or check on the progress of ripening blueberries? NOT OFTEN ENOUGH!!!

      I hope the paving is over SOON so you can get back to your walks!

  2. It’s amazing how much we really experience in the morning but rarely take time to acknowledge. Thanks for sharing your experiences (esp. the Starbucks mocha coconut Frapp….oh dear god, that is good…and probably illegal in 13 states).

    Much of my morning is preparing for work, but today I made an effort to fill it with something positive. Instead of watching episodes of “Teen Mom” on Netflix as I stretched (I’m ashamed to say I was doing that for a while, and it was not very good. That show makes me MAD!) I put on an uplifting movie instead, called “The Human Experience.” Instead of leaving for work being agitated and PO’d at the stooooopid young kids, I felt good after watching a really stirring documentary. It’s not healthy to watch something so toxic so early in the morning!

    1. IT WAS SO YUMMY!!!! 🙂

      I’ve never seen Teen Mom, but I’m positive I would have the same reaction. I’m glad you found something more uplifting! No one needs more rage in their day, especially before work!

  3. This wasn’t before 10 am, but yesterday evening I had a perfect moment. I was laying on my bed, nursing my little baby son back to sleep. I looked out of my huge bedroom window. The trees were back lit by the faint light that happens right after sunset, and I could see little fireflies dancing. There was a cool breeze coming in from outside, which was so nice on my skin after an unusually hot day. It was simply perfect.

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