Dancing With September

Happy September!

September is, without a doubt, my favourite month of the year. Part of this is because it’s GORGEOUS. The weather here in NS tends to be over-the-top awesome —summery, but with cool breezes, and chilly at night (perfect sleeping weather). There are asters and goldenrod everywhere, and the trees seem to be squeezing every last possible drop of joy out of life before winding down for the winter. Fresh apples appear at the farmers’ market, and I start dreaming of pie.

But it’s more than just the weather and the vegetation. I find that September is the month when Things Happen. September 2004 was the month I fell in love with Matthew. September 2005 was the month we got married.

In September 2008, Matthew’s birth mother came from Alberta to meet her son and grandson for the first time. In September 2010, we suddenly made the decision to move back into an apartment from our money-and-energy-sucking rented house. Even in the years when nothing spectacularly memorable happened, I remember feeling the shift in the energy.

I know this time of year is all about the harvest up here in the Northern Hemisphere, but the energy I feel once the calendar hits September tends to be more spring-like: sprouting, blossoming, blooming. There’s a vibrant feeling of aliveness and potential in the air. “Jump in and come for the ride of your life,” September whispers in my ear. And even though sometimes it’s scary, more often than not I jump.

It’s something I’d like to pay more attention to: the natural energy of the months. How does each one feel, how does it flow? How can I dance with it?

How can I dance with September?

September comes in with the promise of clear insight, big dreams, sudden epiphanies, and a vision of wide-open possibilities. It only asks that I surrender to the flow. September grabs me by the hand and whirls me onto the dance floor, and all I have to do is hold on and keep a good thought and an open mind.

I step forward and I grab September’s goldenrod-yellow hand. I close my eyes and take a deep breath as I am carried off into the magical unknown.

7 thoughts on “Dancing With September”

  1. This is a beautiful post. Even though you keep mentioning “goldenrod” which is the one thing about September I don’t like, because allergies = no fun. 😉

    And now I want pie, too.

    1. HA! That’s a good point. I actually put a lot of thought into that one, because technically the goldenrod have been flowering for a little while now. I considered going with asters, but September just doesn’t feel light purple to me… Sorry! 😛

      1. It actually makes me sad that goldenrod is a such a huge allergy trigger for me, because fields of it – like the big right across from my house – are beautiful. You’re quite right, when I think “fall” I don’t think “purple”.

        Fortunately looking at pictures of it doesn’t make me sneeze.

  2. This has nothing to do with your (beautiful) post, but I thought of you today as I was looking up some Disney stuff. Beginning next year, Disney Cruise Line will have departures from New York (much easier for me than flying down to Florida!), and one of the itineraries goes to NS. Instead of thinking, “Oooh, Nova Scotia, how beautiful!”, the first thing I thought was, “Maybe I can see Meg!” 🙂

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