And my official music of September 2011 is…

…VNV Nation! (this may not surprise you if you follow me on Twitter)

VNV has been in my life as long as Matthew and I have been a couple. I’m not a techno girl by inclination, but their songs are both singable and (usually) danceable, and they have lyrics that actually mean something. It was pretty much love at first listen.

I fell in love with VNV at the same time as I fell in love with Matthew. He used to play their music when he drove me home in the mornings. A line from the song “Standing” was on our wedding invites the next year:

“A stranger here, reborn it seems
Waking wonders deep in me
If nothing’s ventured, nothing’s gained
So I must seize the day.”

And ever since then I have bought their albums religiously and always found something to love. They mean a lot to me, so it’s probably no surprise that I’m drawn to them in my favourite, most action-packed, growth-filled month of the year. This month, after I finished numbing out, VNV was the first thing I listened to. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

And today I’m sharing the magic with you!

I’ve made a YouTube playlist of my absolute favourite songs HERE.

Or, if you prefer to click through and explore them yourself, or if playlists scare you, here they are:


Space & Time:



The Great Divide:



Endless Skies:

Enjoy! And happy fall!



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