A nerdtastic birthday weekend! YES!

I started out my birthday weekend with a special treat: a night alone. Matty took off right after supper for Top Secret Birthday Errands and left me alone with the sleeping boy. I love my husband and I love spending time with him, and I missed him a lot…but sometimes it’s nice to have the house to myself (even with a sleeping boy on the monitor). Here is what most of my night looked like:

Yup, I’m working through the Right-Brain Business Plan…and this time I’m going to finish it! I made lots of progress on Friday, which was awesome. It felt like a birthday present.

On Saturday, Matthew had been planning to get up with us and make breakfast, but we had a ROUGH night on Friday night, and he only got about 2 hours of sleep before Xander and I got up. So I let him sleep and made a fabulous brunch for two.

Just for the record, I DO make nice circular pancakes...this was Xander's breakfast and he wanted one shaped like a pig. That was the best I could do!

I was pretty tired myself, so I lay on the sofa and watched movies (MY movies, not toddler movies) all morning. We watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and The Lake House, both of which I unabashedly adore. Xander played games on my computer because he thought my movies were boring…so we BOTH enjoyed ourselves!

Once Matthew got up, he revealed Part One of my birthday surprise: we were going out on a baby-free date for the afternoon! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! (this was only the second time we’d managed to do this in THREE YEARS, so my excitement cannot be overstated). Matthew went to pick up our friends who were going to look after Xander, and I got ready:

Birthday Girl!

We took off and went to Moxie’s, which is one of our hands-down favourite places to eat. They’re not very kid-friendly, so we tend to avoid it when Xander’s around. It was AWESOME. The food was fantastic, and it was just so damn nice to be out together and be able to converse for more than 2 minutes without being interrupted.

After we finished (which took a while because we had appetizers AND dessert! And I entirely failed to photograph any of it!), we went to Best Buy and got me a new iPod. My old iPod, bless its heart, has been slowly decaying for some time now. It works, but is only audible only out of one earphone and at max volume. So we got me a new one.

Her name is Florence, and she has more memory than my computer’s hard drive.

Everyone, meet Florence. Florence, everyone. Isn't she pretty?

And then we went shopping for my other present: BRAS.

This may not sound exciting…but trust me, if you’d spent the past 3 years in hideous and unflattering nursing bras, the prospect of getting something adorable, supportive, and did I mention ADORABLE? would be enough to make you do a happy dance. Plus, my birthday happened to be their semi-annual bra-fitting clinic, which meant that I got bras that fit, I got 10% off because of my birthday, AND I got 40% off because of the clinic sale. So yeah…happy birthday to ME. They’re fabulous. And no, I’m not going to show you 😛

...OK, I'll show you a little bit. BOOOOOOBS.

And then we went home…and our friends had organized a Doctor Who themed costume party! For real! They even had a costume for me!

Xander as the Tenth Doctor, me as Donna Noble, Matthew as Rose Tyler. The rest of our friends: cropped out of the photo to protect the innocent 😛


They had individually hand-decorated paper cups to look like Daleks and TARDISes!

The TARDIS cups were great, but I think this Dalek was my favourite!


They got me a Doctor Who themed ice cream cake!

And one friend gave me my very own sonic screwdriver!

It was awesome. We had pizza and cake and after Xander went to sleep I got slightly tipsy on champagne. We played a Doctor Who trivia game that one friend created herself, and then we watched Star Trek IV, which was awesomely lame. It was the perfect nerdy night.

The next day was great too! I went to brunch with a dear friend at a fancy restaurant (Epicurious Morsels, in case you’re a Haligonian. Their brunch is DIVINE), and then we went shopping at some nearby boutiques. I got scented soap and candles just because. And my birthday weekend wound up with a dinner at the in-laws, where Xander got to play with his cousin Russell.

AND, to top everything off, I got flowers not once, but twice. A pot of beautiful pink azaleas from Matty, and a GORGEOUS fall bouquet from Xander’s Nana Terry.

Thank you, Nana Terry!

And that was how I wound up 30 and celebrated 31. It was awesome. I can’t think of a better way to launch into this new year…with family time, couple time, solo time, friend time, good food, great gifts, and a hilariously nerdy party. Perfect.

What’s one of YOUR top 5 birthdays? What constitutes an awesome birthday for you?

18 thoughts on “A nerdtastic birthday weekend! YES!”

  1. So I was in college my freshman year, away from home, and I had this rockin roommate. She decorated our whole room inside and out. Nobody walking down the hall could question what day it was, there was a lot of confetti involved too, if I remember correctly. (I think the kitchen was decorated too) She got our whole floor together and sang happy birthday and had a delicious cake!

    1. HA! Holy CRAP, I did, didn’t I?! 😀 😀 😀
      Come to think of it, I had a pretty rockin roommate too!

  2. What a totally awesome birthday! One of my top birthdays was turning 55 in Katmandu, Nepal and singing a ridiculous Happy Birthday song with my friend Nancy.

  3. Oh and I forgot to mention that one of my best birthdays (and certainly the most romantic) was being whisked away to Paris, France, for a long weekend! My partner took me to his favourite restaurant in the whole world!

  4. I don’t watch Doctor Who, but it looks like a fun theme for a party! Also, I love Xander’s pig-shaped pancake.

    My birthday is in the summer, so I love going to the beach for the day, to walk on the boardwalk, eat pizza and custard, and listen to the waves crash. A ferris wheel ride is also required. 🙂

    Happy birthday!

  5. I miss you guys and your awesome nerd parties. 🙁 Glad you had such a terrific birthday, though!! 😀

    Best birthday ever for me was probably last year, when I got to fly a plane. Yup. That one’s definitely the top! Though I told Chris I want to jump out of one for my 35th… but that will obviously be at a different time than my actual birthday, seeing as it’s four days after Christmas. 😛

    1. We miss you too!!! And I had a feeling that would be your best one ever 🙂
      You’re really going to jump out of a plane?! Wow…as someone who is petrified of heights…just…wow. Very cool…but I may not be able to watch the video for that one 😉

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