Goodbye, 30! Reviewing 30 and visioning 31…(with a time-warp review of how it went)

So…my birthday is tomorrow.

Yup…in 24 hours (OK, more like 36) I’ll be 31.

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Last year, before I hit the Big 3-0, I set an intention for Thirty.

I wanted it to be a magical year full of change. I wanted to blossom.

And now I look back over this year…and I see that it WAS a magical year. It WAS full of change and growth. And the intention WORKED —I DID blossom.
Here are some things that stand out for me:

-I blogged all year, and it became such a HUGE part of my life
-I learned about business and social media (still SO much to learn, but I started)
-I created a new website (YAY!)
-I was a guest on Creative Living With Jamie (a dream come true)
-I realized that I needed more colour in my life
-I grew my hair long
-I embraced my body as-is (OK, this is an ongoing journey, but I took the first major steps)
-I offered a term of Dancing Mama classes…which no one came to

At the studio by myself. Not very happy…but learning.

-I was featured on Goddess Leonie’s blog (another dream come true) BECAUSE of that aforementioned empty term of classes and the blog post that it led to.
-I hosted two more Dancing Mamas sessions, and at least one person came to each one! YAY!
-I took a JourneyDance class
-I went to an osteopath…and ended up totally changing the way I walk
-I experimented with the 5Rhythms and danced more…and then less…but still more than last year!
-I connected with beautiful Goddesses from around the world
-I learned to read Tarot
-I wrote my first e-book and made my first dance video…neither of which you’ve seen if you’re not in the Goddess Circle, but you’ll have a chance to check them out soon, I promise!
-I revamped my definition of dance
-I started a gratitude journal (yes, I’m still doing it! It’s AWESOME)
-I got coaching and took amazing ecourses and saw the profound change that deep inner work can bring
-I overfilled my plate (twice) and got some clear lessons in why that’s not a good idea and what my priorities are (twice)

Nice, empty (but still tiny) plate (Image by uberculture on

A great year, all in all. I’ll chalk 30 up as pretty darn helpful. Not epic…but a good launchpad.

Which leads me to my intention for 31: BLAST-OFF AND FLY.

In the next year I intend to:
-continue blogging regularly. I did for most of the year, although it was more of a struggle and my posts weren’t quite as clockwork-like (and we won’t even talk about the past few months)
-continue my gratitude journal. No, but I did do it for a couple more months, and I’ve recently started a new gratitude practice.
-complete the 30 Days of Yoga e-course and continue a yoga practice after that. I couldn’t do the 30 Days of Yoga e-course. Here’s what happened. And the yoga practice was, sadly, short-lived.
-build a business plan…and a business. I honed in on exactly what my business dreams are. I tried a bunch of different things, from DansKinetics classes to Dancing Telecircles to Moving Meditations to one-on-one coaching. It was a really big step for me.
-dance. And then dance some more. More than I did this year. Check! I did the Delicious Body Dance-a-thon, taught a term of DansKinetics classes, and danced with people over Skype.
-host another dreamboard party. Possibly several. This didn’t happen…but that’s OK.


-make some money. Check! I did a paid editing job in January, did a temp assignment in March, taught a term of DansKinetics classes, and I’ve been working a full-time not-so-temp temp assignment for the past month (!!).
-host a class that more than two people come toCheck! I had 4 students at one of my DansKinetics classes.
-create some of the things that are currently clogging up my brain or existing as hastily scribbled notes in my journal (there are SO MANY!). Yup! see the aforementioned telecircles, moving meditations, dance videos, and coaching session. WAHOO!!!
-consciously spend time with my family (in a fully present and appreciative way). I didn’t do this as much as I would have liked.
-reach out and spend more time with friends (and talk to non-local friends more). Yes! I had a standing mama-date at least once a month, had semi-regular brunch with another friend, and Skyped more with far-away friends.
-care for my body…not as a way to lose weight, but as a way to express self-love. I both rocked this and totally sucked at it. I think it all evened out in the wash. Ah well.
-get some fabulous new clothes. Check! Especially lately…I’ve been shopping a used clothing store and I keep walking away with kickass work shirts 🙂

I’m not fool enough to believe that every single moment of 31 will be awesome. I know there will be rough spots. But I’m not going to lie: I have big plans for 31. I want to make it count.

I’m going to kick it off on Sunday with a brunch date with a dear friend of mine at a fabulous restaurant…that’s a great way to start a new year!

See you on the other side!


8 thoughts on “Goodbye, 30! Reviewing 30 and visioning 31…(with a time-warp review of how it went)”

    1. YAY! DO IT! I highly recommend it!
      I loved 30. I know we’re supposed to be all sad about getting older or whatever, but honestly? It feels really good! 🙂

      I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! Why do you have to be so damn far away?! xox

    1. Thanks, Andrea!!! I’m so glad I got to take your course! It helped a LOT!

      And YES! I would LOVE that! *jumps up and down* 😀

  1. Happy birthday! These are all great, attainable plans for Year 31. Nothing too crazy, and all self-nourishing. I especially love “consciously spend time with my family (in a fully present and appreciative way)”…that is a resolution I think we ALL need to have on our lists!

    Oh, and I DO hope this e-book and dance video soon become available to non-goddesses. I wanna see you daaannnncee! 🙂

    Enjoy your day, sweetie!

    1. Thank you! I think self-care is my secondary intention for this year 🙂
      I’m definitely working on the e-book-and-video, and I had a FABULOUS day…which you will read about shortly 🙂

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