Here’s what else I’ve been up to for the past three weeks…

Happy Friday!

I promised on Tuesday that I would show you some of the other stuff I was working on. I DID manage to finish the project I was hoping to, and I’m very excited (and slightly nervous) to show you!

As I mentioned in my birthday post, I’ve been working through the Right Brain Business Plan this month.

The Beans likes to make cameos in my photos…he is monstrously fat and very needy.

I’m working on Chapter Three, which is VERY work-intensive…lots of research and analysis and scariness. It started out with the construction of a Detective Bulletin Board, which is basically a HUGE collection of notes about myself, my business, and any businesses that I consider related to mine. This was the stumbling block that stopped my progress back in the spring, but this time I was ready for it. And here’s the result:

…yes, every one of those 4×6 Post-Its is full of writing. It took HOURS. SO worth it, though!

That was the really hard part. The rest of the chapter was synthesis and analysis and fun stuff. I ended up with two projects…what I call the Left-Brain Business Self-Portrait:

My own notes about myself and my business…


A collection of the results of a research survey I sent to some of my friends, along with any comments from clients and teachers.

And the Right-Brain Business Self-Portrait:

Work in Progress shot featuring The Beans yet again (I think he’s starved for atttention, poor beastie)


Finished board (apart from some glitter, which I will add later)

A note on the woman in the AMAZING dress: one of the questions I had to answer for the Detective Bulletin Board was “If your business was a person, what would he/she be like?” And I answered all kinds of things about fabulous, colourful, flowing clothing, wild hair, total self-love, dancing all over the place…and then I found that photo. Thanks, Universe! Apparently my dream business is Jill Scott…who knew!

And here are a few detail shots in case you’re wondering what the hell the writing actually SAYS:

And there you have it! Chapter Three is almost complete!

If you’re starting a business, or thinking about starting one, I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Even though I’m not even halfway through the book, I feel SO much clearer on what I want to do. And I can tell that by the end I’ll know way more about HOW I want to do it and where to go next! AWESOME! SO worth the effort!

8 thoughts on “Here’s what else I’ve been up to for the past three weeks…”

  1. wow that looks amazing! I have the book on my list are you happy with it so far? I watched the summit she did a few months ago and that was very informative!

    1. I LOVE it! It is DEFINITELY clarifying things for me! And the creative parts are really fun and inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚
      The Detective Bulletin Board was a lot of work and can majorly trigger your inner critic (I originally started that in May and HATED it), but this time around I actually found it really informative and helpful.

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah, it IS intimidating…that’s why I didn’t make it through the first time I tried. Definitely something you need to wrap your brain around.
      Once I got started this time, the process just kept deepening and unfolding, which was AWESOME. It’s like I finally *got* it, you know? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€
      I just put them up on the wall with the rest of the business plan…I’m only through Chapter 3, and it already looks (in Matty’s words) “like a rainbow threw up all over the guest room” Hehehe!

    1. It’s true…the fun helps you forget about how much work you’re doing!
      I also get surprising insights from the process of making the collages…I LOVE that!

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