The dance of gratitude, Part 2: Thanks Giving

Happy American Thanksgiving! I hope that, if you celebrated it, you had a fantastic day. Actually, I hope you had a fantastic day regardless of your holiday status.

Even though I am technically American, I celebrate Thanksgiving in October with my fellow Canadians (ah the joys of dual citizenship…I really don’t know why I don’t just have TWO turkey dinners. Oh wait…because I’d have to cook them. Riiiiiiiight).

TURKEY!!! So delicious…so time-consuming.

Where was I? Ah yes.

While I didn’t eat turkey (and it’s probably good that I didn’t, for reasons which will become clear), I did pause for a moment and count my blessings. Ever since I started my gratitude journal—which I am STILL doing!—I’ve been counting my blessings more and more often. And it feels pretty darn good.

So here is a snapshot of what I was grateful for at 6pm AST on American Thanksgiving, 2011:

  • a warm apartment
  • roasted butternut squash soup simmering on the stove
  • a tray of freshly baked biscuits just out of the oven
  • Florence, my ipod, playing Harry Potter books
  • a tummy almost-recovered from a lightning-fast bug yesterday
  • the fact that said bug was as lightning-fast as it was
  • my amazing husband, who spent yesterday looking after Xander while I was sick, then worked all night to catch up, THEN went to work as usual today. He’s a superhero.
  • my adorable son lying upside down on the sofa and noshing on apple slices
  • the thick layer of snow that fell yesterday without endangering any of my family
  • cozy, freshly laundered blankets to snuggle under tonight
  • impending twinges of Christmas spirit
  • my beautiful, beautiful life
Mummy, Daddy, Xander, and random giant dog (on left) by Xander.

I hope you had a beautiful Thursday, no matter WHERE you live. And I hope that today is just as lovely.


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