…Santa Baby…

Now that American Thanksgiving is over and it’s officially less than a month until Christmas, I am finally ready to kick off the Christmas season (anytime between Nov 25 and Dec 1 is fair game for this kind of thing). I’m starting to feel the desire to declutter and tidy and get the house ready for decorations. I’m making a list of Christmas craft ideas to do with Xander. And, thanks to some “what’s on your Christmas list?” prodding from my parents, I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to see under the tree this year.

Christmas Tree by Xander, age 2-and-4-months

Every year, a theme emerges. In 2009 it was crafting and sewing. In 2010 it was all about transformational tools and e-courses. This year? Even though my list is still a work-in-progress, I’m definitely sensing a theme. Let’s take a look…

1. The 2012 Fat!So? Dayplanner

This looks FABULOUS. Double-pages for each week and month, blank pages for notes, body-positive quotes, games, and DIY projects, and a flip book of dancer Ragen Chastain, who is one of my heroes? Yes, please! I would LOVE to see this under the tree!

2. A subscription to Conscious Dancer Magazine

This magazine looks AMAZING. A quarterly publication dedicated to holistic movement in all its forms, it basically looks like it was written just for me. (And if you want something to put under the tree on the Big Day, I would happily take some back issues from the past year if you can find any).

3. Some beautiful, flowing clothes to dance in. Such as:

Wrap pants like these, if you’re feeling crafty

The second-last outfit HERE (size 20, or its nearest equivalent, please)

4. A tripod for my video camera so I can record more of THESE.

Because that was one of the most amazing experiences I had this year, and I can’t wait to do more.

5. A copy of Beautiful at Any Size: The Plus Size Woman’s Guide to Nurturing Confidence and Self-Esteem

Yes, I worked on it, and yes, I want to see my name in print. But mostly, it’s just a really awesome, friendly, happy book, and I’d like to have it on my shelf.

And, finally, the thing I want most in the ENTIRE WORLD:

6. A trip to Portland, Maine, to attend this:

Moving Imagination: Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement workshop, May 18-20.

(They don’t have a separate page for each event, so I linked to the main page. But you can find it by date and location if you scroll down the events page)

Words cannot express how much I want to go to this.
I’ve been intrigued by Authentic Movement for years, and dying to explore it more deeply. I’ve been aching to get back out and do a dance workshop ever since I became a mama. And Matthew and I have wanted to go back to Portland ever since our last one over 5 years ago.
Three birds. One stone. Bam.

Please please, Santa. I’ve been such a good girl this year!

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