Dec 10: Wisdom

Reverb is an every-day-in-December journalling/blogging practice. Each day features a prompt that either helps you integrate the past year or envision what you want to create in the next one (sometimes both). If you want to follow along with me, I’m posting a prompt on my Facebook page every morning.

(I didn’t manage to write yesterday, so I’m catching up today…expect Dec 11 shortly after this one!)

Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out? (Susannah Conway)

The wisest decision I made this year was unquestionably the decision to focus on this blog.

Before Reverb10 last year, the blog was totally different. It was a space for me to respond to other people’s writing prompts and to talk about life in general if something big was happening. It was very much like my old Livejournal blog, only with fewer memes. There would be posts about nothing in particular. There would be weeks with no posts at all.

But at some point this year, I made the conscious decision to “be a blogger,” to write not only for myself, but for others as well, and to bring some structure to the blog, to make it the start of a dreamed-of-eventual-business. I started blogging on a schedule, first two days a week, and then three. I consciously cleared my tiny plate so that it had room for blogging on it (there’s a reason why I’m not working on my novel anymore, and you’re reading that reason right now. And that’s OK). I learned more about WordPress and about blogging and, really, about ME as I worked through the year.

This blog has been such a gift. It’s helped me celebrate amazing times, it’s given me support during tough times, it’s allowed me to share my stories and helped me to process my past and present, it’s pushed me to find inspiration in the world around me, and it’s connected me with amazing, wonderful people who have shared their own stories. And I am so incredibly grateful for that. Best. Decision. This. Year.


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