Dec 13: Spirit

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Dec 13: Spirit. How did you connect to Spirit (however you define it) in 2011? How would you like to connect with Spirit in 2012? Describe any practices or rituals you’d like to adopt.


This year I tried a bunch of different things to connect with Spirit (energy/the Universe/the divine/what is bigger than the world we see, to list just a few of the definitions that swirl around my head when I think of that word).

The ones that come to mind are:

  • I started the year with a morning and evening ritual at my altar (I have an altar. That’s it in the picture. It’s been slightly rearranged since then, but the elements are pretty much the same. You can see more of it here). That petered out in the spring, but I found it very helpful when I was doing it, and I kept meaning to go back to it.
  • I did full moon dreamboards and vision boards sporadically through the year (you can see one of them here)
  • I danced a prayer
  • I danced under the full moon
  • I smudged (sandalwood incense for everyday, sage for times when the energy needed a major cleanse)
  • I did a lot of Reiki (on myself, on the space, on others. I actually did my first full solo attunement this year, which was pretty intense)
  • I started (and maintained) a gratitude journal
  • I learned to read Tarot (and developed a pretty close relationship with my deck, which I never expected)
  • My family held hands and took a breath before we started eating dinner. We did that for the first half of the year and then sort of…forgot.

In 2012, I’d like to do more of the same, deepening some practices. I’d like to reinstate the morning ritual (the gratitude journal replaced the evening one) and the pre-dinner damily breath. I’d like to dance under each full moon and do more regular dreamboards. I’d like to do more tarot readings and play with oracle cards if I can find the right deck. Smudging and Reiki are just part of my regular routine, so I’ll definitely continue with those…

Really, the thing I would like to add to all of this in 2012 is paying more attention to the rhythms of the natural world. Full moon dances/dreamboards are part of that, but I’d also like to celebrate the solstices and equinoxes (although I’m not sure just how yet). I’d love to mark the seasons changes with my family, and I’m looking into winter solstice ideas for next week.

As far as any rituals go, I’m not looking to fit into any single religion. I am, in Goddess Leonie’s words,

“a spiritual buffet-ist. I pile my plate up at the Spiritual with delicious morsels from Buddhism, New Age-ry, healing modalities and Earth-based ancient traditions […]. Whatever makes sense and is right for my spirit is melded into my beliefs”

So you can bet that whatever spiritual practices and rituals I do adopt in the next year, they will only stick around if they are 100% Me.

One thought on “Dec 13: Spirit”

  1. Wonderful!

    I have great intentions. I really do! I want to do almost all of this same stuff…. but it never happens. I have a book called “Celebrating the Great Mother” that is all about practicing earth-based rituals with kids. Have I read more than bits and pieces here and there in it? Nope. But it SEEMS good. 😉 I have a few other, less “religious” books in my Amazon cart about creating family traditions and rituals.

    Someday… someday. (I’d have so much more time to do stuff for my kids if they weren’t around all the time! :P)

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