Dec 16: Self Care

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Dec 16: Self-care. How did you care for yourself this year? How would you like to care for yourself in 2012?

This year I got better at asking for help when I needed it, so I had a lot more time to myself. I took days off when I felt myself getting stressed out and needing a break. I took time to do my own projects and to write and create, which is SO important. I gave myself permission to take care of myself…and that’s the biggest step toward self-care that I can think of. I let myself chill out and watch movies when I needed to.

I set up coffee dates and went to a few dance classes. I moved my body a lot, and I found that as the year progressed, moving became more and more about self-care and less about “shoulds,” which was nice. I gave myself a lot of Reiki, which is a lovely combination of connecting with spirit and caring for the body.

In 2012 I would like to continue the trend. More movement, more Reiki, more rest, more permission.

Specifically, I’d like to:

-move every day (even just a tiny bit, just consciously moving my body)
-give myself Reiki at bedtime most nights
-go on more dates with Matthew and with friends
-attend more dance classes
-give myself lots and lots of permission to take it easy, rest, or do whatever I need
-be easier on myself in every area of my life, from parenting to business to housekeeping (speaking of which, Goddess Leonie made a free e-book that EVERYONE should read. It’s awesome: How to be a Domestic Goddess)

This was the first year I really understood that self-care is about gentleness and a loving attitude toward myself. That’s the attitude I’d like to carry forward into 2012.

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