Dec 23: What if.

Reverb is an every-day-in-December journalling/blogging practice. Each day features a prompt that either helps you integrate the past year or envision what you want to create in the next one (sometimes both). If you want to follow along with me, I’m posting a prompt on my Facebook page every morning.

Dec 23: What if. If January, 2012 was your last month to live, how would you live it?

If January was my last month to live, I would spend it doing two things: connecting with my family and friends, and creating madly. I would make the things I’ve been “meaning to.” I would snuggle with my little one all. the. time. I would write letters to him and Matthew “P.S. I Love You”-style so that they would still have a part of me around in the future. I would make so many videos. I would tell people I love them. I would give things away. I would make things by hand for people I care about. I would have a beautiful month. And then I would go, feeling grateful for the time I did have.


Housekeeping note:

I’m going to take the 24th through the 26th off so that I can be fully present with my family over the holiday. I’ll be back with catch-up Reverbs on the 27th. I hope you have a beautiful winter-solstice-holiday-of-your-choice.



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