Dec 6: Dreams.

Reverb is an every-day-in-December journalling/blogging practice. Each day features a prompt that either helps you integrate the past year or envision what you want to create in the next one (sometimes both). If you want to follow along with me, I’m posting a prompt on my Facebook page every morning.

Dec 6: Dreams. What dreams came true in 2011?

Fun! This year dreams of all sizes came true!

I healed my ankle from pain that had plagued me on and off for over a decade! Finally!

I was a guest on Creative Living With Jamie!

I was featured on one of Goddess Leonie’s Goddess Inspiration blog posts! (specifically, this post about dancing with failure was)

I had a dreamboard party!

I started a new yoga practice after more than 3 years of stuckness!

I finally figured out the key to having fun being creative with Xander! (the key was $3 art supplies from Walmart. Lots and lots and lots of them.)

I edited a book! (And it’s on sale now!)

I got a job proofreading!

I was part of an e-book project!

I made a dance video!

All in all, it was a fabulous and miraculous year of magic-making and dream-realizing! Here’s to another one in 2012!!!

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