Dec 8: Beautifully Different

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Dec 8: Beautifully different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful. (Karen Walrond)

OK, I admit it, I hated this question last year. So much that I was thisclose to leaving it out of my Reverb11 lineup this year. I actually did—I scheduled another prompt to post today…and then I felt bad. It’s a pretty juicy question. Just because I struggled with it last year doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t have a chance to think about it.

And besides…I get it now.

I am not a consumer of mass media. We don’t have cable TV. I don’t read newspapers. I avoid malls like the plague and don’t listen to commercial radio. But this year I made a collection of used magazines for dreamboard purposes, and once I’d flipped through a few of those in search of images…I understood.

Oh. Different from THAT. Different from that fictional person that the media tells me I “need to be.” Different from those airbrushed, dyed, and painted Photoshop creations. Riiiiiiiiiiight.

So, what makes me beautifully different?

Now I can tell you (although this may get a little bit random in places, and please believe me when I say that this declaration of ME-ness is in no way a judgement on YOU if you feel/act in other ways…that’s what the whole “different” thing is about. Different is good, and you’re different in YOUR way. OK? Cool):

-I am a size 20. And I think my every curve is gorgeous. I’m finding that it’s much easier to joyfully move my body when I actually like my body, no matter what its size. I’m increasingly horrified by ads/articles/everything in magazines telling me (and all women) that I (we) should be focused on “losing pounds and inches” or assuming that I’m looking for a way to be smaller. Whatever. My body is part of me, no matter what its size. I want to be fit and strong and flexible, but I’m good with whatever size I happen to be. I’m learning to take care of my body for its own sake. It’s a work in progress, but it feels pretty awesome.

-I was thrilled when I saw my first grey hair. Seriously! I thought it was cool. Now I have a lot of them, and I smile when I see them. I earned every one of those suckers. I like my natural hair colour.

-I like to dress in colours. A lot of them. Preferably 3 or more per outfit. I would like to look like a rainbow threw up on ME, not just on my office.

-I dance in grocery store aisles. Not wildly…I don’t want to hit anyone, but I definitely do a little boogie if a good song comes on the speakers as I’m wheeling the cart around. Now that it’s Christmas, I also sing along to carols while I’m shopping.

-I only wear heels on very special occasions. I mostly wear sneakers and Docs. Stacey and Clinton can bite me.

-I am notoriously craft-y. This year I’m becoming obsessed with crocheting. I also knit, embroider, sew, knot bracelets, paint, scrapbook, collage, colour, and bake. I can also make beaded wire lizards. It all comes in handy around this time of year! I don’t know if this is precisely being “beautifully different,” but it’s certainly a defining characteristic that I love about me.

-I considered myself engaged to Matthew within a month of our first kiss. There was never a question of whether or not we’d get married. We just knew. I am a very annoying relationship-advice giver.

-I don’t “entertain.” I’m sorry, I don’t. My friends and I hang out. Period. And I don’t own “good” dishes. I have dishes. Even if I decided to have a fancy schmancy party, I would do it with irony. Like having a costume party. I would probably buy a frilly apron just for the occasion.

-I was thrilled the day I found out I needed reading glasses. THRILLED. I look awesome in glasses!

-I am an insanely massive Doctor Who fan. I’ve seen each of the new seasons multiple times. I can have in-depth conversations about the relative merits of the three latest Doctors (David Tennant is my Doctor). I own both albums by Chameleon Circuit (Timelord rock band). I know all the songs by heart and can tell you which episodes they’re based on. I am a…say it with me now…NERD.

-I am an obnoxious proofreader. And I’m tickled pink that I can pick language apart and get paid for it. I spent last night knee deep in a total stranger’s teleclass materials. It was magical.

-I very much miss teaching YogaDance. I did it in 2007/8, when it was still called DansKinetics, and it was an amazing experience. All of those students coming into the room nervous and self-conscious on the first class, and then opening up and glowing. It was incredible. I still light up when I tell people about it. (It’s not the missing it that makes me beautifully different, it’s the teaching a holistic dance form based on the chakra system…at least it’s different if you’re looking through Chatelaine, Elle, and Canadian Living magazines…I think in real life it’s becoming more and more common. Thank goodness.)

-The fact that I don’t read the magazines, watch the TV shows, or follow the trends is one final reason why I’m “beautifully different” from the woman the media wants me to want to be.

There you have it. A year after the original question, but I think I finally have the answer. Huzzah!

6 thoughts on “Dec 8: Beautifully Different”

    1. Thank you, Nele!
      OMG! You have a new blog! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS ALREADY?!?! *runs off to check it out*

  1. Tee hee, I was so happy when I found out I needed glasses for near vision! I have a very pale complexion and small eyes, so I think glasses add some life to my face. I’d wear them all day if they didn’t give me headaches when on the computer/reading. The only time I *didn’t* like glasses was the first dance class I attended after getting them…um, forgot that they might fly off during pirouettes (which they did)!

    1. Oh no! Yeah, that would be a problem. I only need them for reading/computing, so that wouldn’t have been an issue even if I had still been doing pirouettes when I first got them (it was several years later).

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