Dance 4: A Tiny Dance

When I was hunting the Internet for Creative Commons music (which I do on a regular basis), I came across a GORGEOUS piece of music. It was in fast 3/4 time (my favourite), with acoustic guitars (my favourite), and it made me want to dance immediately (my favourite).

Slight problem: it was FORTY ONE FREAKING SECONDS LONG. And, try as I could, I couldn’t find a longer version.

I understand this…creative commons musicians make themes for use in games and movies, and they don’t needΒ to be very long. But I LOVED this theme, and I wanted to dance to it. I couldn’t make a dance video with just 41 seconds of music…could I?

Could I?

…I could.

…sort of.

Here is A Tiny Dance, featuring my favouritest-tiny-piece-of-music-EVER (twice over since I liked both takes and since the music is SO FREAKING SHORT), and in which I only dance with my hands. Just because.




7 thoughts on “Dance 4: A Tiny Dance”

  1. hey meg-been loving your dance-a-thon posts. hand dancing-what a creative/fun/beautiful idea! keep rockin’ πŸ™‚ i’m playing along too on my blog xo,susan

    1. Hi Susan!
      Thanks so much!
      I love your videos too! I tried to leave a comment on the latest one, but blogspot decided it didn’t like me and wouldn’t let me post it.
      I can’t wait to see more of your beautiful yoga-dance-flows! <3

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