Dancing with Fear Part 2: Lullaby

Really, I could say “Dancing with Fear part 1 of 12,” but you get my point.

I present…me. Dancing.


This process was difficult. Difficult even apart from the technical difficulties and the massive learning curve of my video camera. As someone who was trained to base a dancer’s (read: my own) worth by their (read: my) body size and ability, to see myself moving on film is hard. Even though I embrace my size. Even though I have made great strides down the road of body-love. Even though I’m working to increase my strength and range of motion. And even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dance in this video. It was still hard.

Hard…but ultimately good. The more I watched the video the more I loved it. And the more I saw past my initial reaction. I’m proud of myself for taking the next step out into the world. I’m looking forward to exploring my body’s movement as I keep making videos (because I WILL keep making them…part 2 is already “in the can”). I feel like this dance-a-thon is a rite of passage, a healing journey to the heart of the wounds I still carry when it comes to my body and dance. And I can’t wait to see what comes of it.

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8 thoughts on “Dancing with Fear Part 2: Lullaby”

  1. Wow… oh, wow! This is utterly beautiful, and I couldn’t take my eyes off you! Totally mesmerizing, gorgeus, elegant, graceful…. Beautiful! I just wanted to break out dancing myself, sitting in the university college’s reading room! 😀

    1. Thank you, Jeanette! Your comment just made me do a happy dance 😀
      I knew that this would be one of those experiences that terrified me but that I NEEDED to do. I was so very, VERY right!

  2. MEG! this is so stunningly beautiful. i watched with my complete attention and admiration. your body tells such an incredible story. you have so much control and grace–i’m in awe.

    and your story, how this is moving you, the courage you’re rising to–WOW. you are ROCKING the power of moving through fear with action and reframing.

    you are an inspiration.


    1. Thank you!!!!!! (for your comment and your support and your invitation and your inspiration)

  3. So many things I love about this movement:
    • The little smiles to the camera. Every time I smile it feels so forced. Yours is so warm and genuine.
    • The fingers curling and unwinding. Every inch of you is dancing.
    • The arm sweeps, so filled with breath. You look like a yawning, perfectly content cloud when you move.
    • The general peacefulness of your movement. Watching you is like a meditation, and my brain relaxes.

    I can’t wait for more!! Thank you for putting yourself out there. I may do this myself, but maybe just one video, not 3x a week! 🙂

    1. DO IT DO T DO IT DO IT!

      I admit, the 3 times a week thing is tough. A LOT of my normal stuff is falling by the wayside. But I’m going to try to stick with it through the end. And then I’m with you…one video at a time. 😉

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