Dancing with Fear…

Sometimes the Universe asks you to dance (literally or figuratively), and it scares the sh*t out of you.

That happened to me the other day…when I watched this video:

(You can see the whole blog post that video came from HERE)

And while part of me was freaking out…the other part was screaming YES! YES! DO IT DO IT DO IT!

If you’ve signed up for my newsletter (and looked at the free-ebook-plus-video) or if you saw this post, you’ll know that dancing on video is something that I tried twice last year. I’ve wanted to do more of them, but it’s hard to fight the resistance and fear. But this…this project was like a giant message from the Universe going “LET’S GO! It’s TIME!”

So I’m saying yes. I’m throwing fear (lots and LOTS of fear) to the wind and stepping out onto that dance floor. I will get in front of my camera 12 times in the next month, and I will let my inner dance out. And I will share it with you. Warts and all (not literally, I hope, but you know what I mean).

(Actually, I was going to start sharing today, but my laptop decided it didn’t want to associate with the likes of my video camera. Hopefully I can get them to communicate tomorrow…or work out another solution)

The Details:

I will post videos three times a week. I will aim for Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (but I reserve the right to post on other days as needed).

Unlike Rachael, I don’t have an album that I want to dance through. I looked, but I just don’t have one. So instead, I’ve picked twelve of my favourite Creative Commons-licensed tunes, and I’ll dance to one of them each day. I won’t tell you what they are in advance because that way I can go with whatever I feel like on the days I’m filming (and because I currently have 13 on my list :P). They range from sparse instrumentals to hip hop to pop-rock. It should be a fun ride.

For the “dance-a-thon” portion of the challenge, I’ve chosen a cause that’s close to home for me (literally). I’m pledging money to a local modern dance troupe called Mocean Dance. They’re a truly incredible company, and I wish that I’d been able to support them via ticket sales over the past 3 years. Instead, I will be contributing $75 to help them further their mission:

Mocean Dance’s mission is to create a sustainable, innovative contemporary dance company based in Nova Scotia. This company will offer Nova Scotia dance artists employment in their home province, and the opportunity to work with exceptional local, national and international choreographers in collaborative new creation that integrates dance with other art forms. The company will create technically and emotionally rich dance that contributes to the growth of Canadian dance from the perspective of our region and artists. The company will communicate and share its work with audiences through performances both at home and on tour, and will maintain its strong commitment to community outreach, development, and youth education through residency and school programs.

Somewhere in an alternate dimension there’s another version of me who joined that company…

I’m not officially asking for money here, but if you enjoy the videos over the next month and you have a little extra cash, maybe you could send some their way (or to any other cause that strikes your fancy).

And there you have it! Thank you so much to Rachael for coming up with this idea. Let’s dance!

4 thoughts on “Dancing with Fear…”

  1. THIS IS AWESOME!!!! I love your decision to choose 13 of your favorite songs. YES YES. I also love the dance troupe you’re donating to. AMAZING. (I still haven’t even decided where to donate). You inspire me. Your courage is bone deep. Your computer will pull it together for you. (It’s true).

    Lots and lots of love.


    1. Thanks, Rachael! You inspire ME!

      And you were right! The computer and I worked things out together 😀


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