Dancing with the Full Moon (figuratively speaking): January

This weekend was the full moon. I had hoped to do a full moon dance as well as a dreamboard, but my back was really sore, so I decided to stick to a stationary activity.

As I mentioned in my newsletter, I’ve been looking at two sites for full moon prompts:

1. Lisa Michaels over at Natural Rhythms.org bases her work on the cycle of the moon through the astrological houses. This full moon was in Cancer, and you can see her full write-up about that here. Basically, Cancer is all about emotional well-being and nurturing the self and others. She provided a list of suggested actions for the self and business, and I made some notes about the main themes before I got started so I could keep them in mind.

2. Jamie Ridler of Jamie Ridler Studios occasionally mentions the astrological house that the moon is in, but her main focus is on the traditional name of each full moon. This is actually really cool—each moon has a special name that is associated with the time of the year. December’s moon was the Full Cold Moon, this is the Full Wolf Moon, February’s is the Full Snow Moon, etc. They’re beautiful names with their own unique symbolism (take this month’s moon, for instance, which was named for the wolves which howl with hunger as they seek out food in the winter cold). She provides her own prompts (this month’s was “What are you hungry for?”), and I wrote that along with the astrological notes.

Then I got to work.

Finding my images was easy. 95% of them came from a single magazine (a House and Home Fall issue). It took me about 20 minutes to find the images and less than that to put them together. It…just…WORKED. And here is my result:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Looking at these, I already see some interesting things. I see a desire for comfort and coziness. I see a need for delicious, nourishing, simple food…lots of fruit and meat. I see an appreciation for beauty, especially in nature and in colours around me. I sense the desire for permission to just Be and Rest and take things as slow as I need to.

But even though there’s a huge focus on rest and sitting, I sense a happy productivity. I’ve noticed that when I give myself permission to rest…I magically end up getting more done, and I’m wondering if that’s coming through in the board (you may not see where I’m getting it, and I couldn’t even tell you. I just know that it’s there).

I’m kind of in love with these. There’s such a beautiful warmth to them, a refuge I can crawl into and hide in on a freezing-cold day like today. I’ve hung them up in our main room so I can see them every day. They make me smile 🙂




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4 thoughts on “Dancing with the Full Moon (figuratively speaking): January”

  1. There’s happy ease in your dreamboard. It’s a joy to experience – just like you! I’m adding my wishes to yours – may every one of your dreams come true. I know the world will enjoy being regaled by your dance!


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