Sometimes finding your word for the year is a roundabout business…

Happy New Year!

Today I’m giving you a wee glimpse into my process and sharing my journey to choosing my Word for 2012…because sometimes these things are FAR from simple:

Back on Dec 1st, I announced my Official Word of 2012 (I don’t do resolutions, but I DO do intentions summed up by Key Words). Here’s what I said:

Moving forward into 2012, the word I choose is Shine. Having come home to myself again and realized my own awesomeness in 2011, I wish to shine my light into the world and be even more of my beautiful, glowing, radiant, dancing self in 2012.

Sounds good, yes?

I thought so until earlier this week.

A couple of days ago I started rethinking. All of a sudden, “Shine” felt “should-y” and heavy and not-right. I felt like I would be stuck constantly feeling like I “should” be “shining” and berating myself for being too shy or cowardly or whatever. Like the way I felt at my husband’s office party last month…shy as hell, paralyzed with awkwardness, very guilty about not being outgoing, should-ridden, and not shiny at all.

So I set out to look for an alternative. I wracked my brains, going through word after word after word. And after many many (many many many) discarded words, I finally settled on my word for the year.

And the word is…


…wait for it…



Yes, that’s right. I ended up back where I began. Oddly, I’m 95% sure that this same exact thing happened with “Home” last year.

What happened? Well, I remembered why I chose that word in the first place.

I picked “Shine” after I rewatched Stardust back in November. One thing I’d forgotten from previous viewings that really caught my attention this time: whenever Yvain (a fallen star) is happy, she starts shining. It’s beautifully done, really.

See? Shine.

And that was what I was thinking when I first chose the word: glowing, lighting up from the inside. Somewhere over the past month it got twisted up in my head, but that’s what I really wanted it to mean. And it has all kinds of applications:

-practicing self-care to keep myself glowing

-recognizing and valuing my own unique light (this one is all about self-worth)

-doing what lights me up (trusting my instinct and going with the joy, even if it’s not what I had planned)

It also feels like the perfect continuation of last year’s intention. Like, I came home last year, and this year I’m finding ways to keep the home-fires stoked and burning brightly. In short, I’m back where I started, only with even more understanding about my choice of word, plus a lovely photographic illustration.

Now that I think about it, how could I NOT stick with “Shine”?! It was clearly meant to be. <3

4 thoughts on “Sometimes finding your word for the year is a roundabout business…”

  1. Hey Meg, you have no idea how much your post reassured me. I’ve never done the picking a word for the year thing and it took me three tries to finally get to the right one.
    I loved that moment in Stardust. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Good! I’m glad! 😀
      I think it’s really (REALLY) common to struggle with finding the perfect word. Sometimes we cycle through several options before finding the perfect one. Sometimes we need to sit with a word for a little while to figure out if it feels right. Sometimes we have second thoughts and then realize we were right in the first place. And sometimes we can’t think of anything for AGES and then it comes in a flash of illumination. It’s absolutely fascinating…and it’s 100% awesome no matter what!

      Your word is fabulous! I can’t wait to see how it shows up for you!

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