Creative Collaboration 2: Kitchen Cacophony

Today’s installment of my new creative collaboration has me thinking about risk-taking and creativity.

When Marsha (my oldest friend and creative partner) told me about her idea for this month’s piece, I was really excited. She wrote, “I think my next piece will involve recording sounds from around the house. Should be entertaining.” COOL!! I couldn’t wait to hear what she came up with!

And then the next weekend she sent me a test piece, and it was WILD. She wrote, “It’s like a cross between having your apartment jackhammered and swimming through LSD.” Honestly…I think that’s a pretty accurate description. I was equal parts scared and completely psyched.

It’s SO not something I would choose to dance to. It felt crazy while I was doing it. It felt risky and “not beautiful.” But then, as I edited the footage together yesterday…something clicked. And suddenly the video I was making filled me with delight. It’s so completely wacky, so “out there”…and the whole process was just so damn fun.

A secret voice inside of me whispers, “Don’t post this…it’s ugly and goofy and people will laugh.” But you know what? I HOPE you laugh. *I* laugh every time I see it. I’m so glad that Marsha took the risk with her INSANE “household objects” piece, because it made me stretch in new creative (and hilarious) ways.


This month’s piece brought 2 lessons home to me:

  1. It may feel scary to try something completely outside of your comfort zone, but if you jump in and commit to it 100%, you may end up creating something you LOVE.
  2. Not everything has to be pretty. Sometimes you just need to GO for it and see what happens.

(The other discovery I made was that posting one video every 4 weeks is NOT ENOUGH for me. I miss the regular practice of dancing and filming and editing. I will be posting videos more often from now on)


(In case you’re wondering, the music is composed of the following sounds: out-of-tune ukulele, cutlery, spoon against metal bowl with water, spoon against glass, zipper, clapping, paper ripping, and paper rustling.)

6 thoughts on “Creative Collaboration 2: Kitchen Cacophony”

  1. WOW! I really like this – the music is really lovely, different, yes, but you can’t help listening to it, it’s that compelling.

    And your moves are fantastic – and I loved the comedy moments in between!

    Thank you for sharing this. It has lifted me up. 🙂

    1. YAY!
      Thank you! It was fun to do, but I was SO nervous that people would just look at it and go “What..the…?” and click away. I’m glad that’s not the case 😀

  2. Hee! You made me laugh, but it was very cool. Love the music! (Reminds me of something my husband would do. Maybe he should make you dance music too sometime?)

    1. Ooh! That would be cool! I’m aiming for a weekly video, so I’ll be on the hunt for new music every week that I’m not doing my collaboration with Marsha 🙂

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