Footage Friday: Quiet Rain

It’s week 2 of Footage Fridays! Huzzah!!! (technically it’s my third Friday video, but I didn’t come up with the nifty alliterative name until Week 2 :P). I’m falling into a really nice rhythm here. I film on Wednesday night, edit on Thursday night, upload overnight (because it takes FOREVER), and post on Friday. It’s great!

This video is a wee bit melancholy. I was having a sad afternoon-and-evening on Wednesday, and this piece of music jumped out at me from my “OK for videos” list (yes, I have a list like that…it helps a LOT).

I did most of this dance sitting in a chair. I’m an upper body dancer by inclination, and this just felt right.

It’s not a happy dance, but it’s a true dance. It exactly expressed how I was feeling. And that’s what dance is all about.


(If you can’t see the video, click here to view on YouTube)

…I’m feeling a lot better now

2 thoughts on “Footage Friday: Quiet Rain”

  1. This is beautiful, Meg, and so expressive. I really like the music too. Thank you for sharing this – thank you for sharing your self and your dancing.

  2. I watched the video before reading the title, and the whole time I was thinking, “It looks like she is getting a shower in a rainfall of sorrow.” And then I saw the title! It’s wonderful how just a few minutes of authentic dancing can wash away the melancholy.

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