Making Space for Magic

For months I’ve been doing my blogging and planning on the dining room table.

I don’t know how this started. I mean, last year we said that my office was going to be in the guest room. During the World-Changing Writing Workshop, I participated in a whole teleclass about creating office space to support me in my creative work. I tried. It’s just…I don’t know…it didn’t really “take.” It was a guest room with a wobbly desk in it, not a space for magic.

And after a few months, the guest room became the Place Where Things Go to Die. Then it really REALLY wasn’t conducive to working…or doing anything, really, other than Dumping Stuff and Running Away. The cats liked it. That’s about it.

Last weekend Matthew and I decided that Enough was Enough. It was time to make some space. We started by clearing out the guest room.

(I purposely didn’t take “before” photos of the Hell Hole, but here—including that shopping cart and its contents—is about 3/4 of the stuff we cleared out of the room, not including furniture. Or the contents of the closet. Yeah…)


We rearranged everything, and spent about an hour scraping cat hair off the rug where under-the-bed used to be. And then it was time to settle back in.

At this point, Xander decided to come and help us put things away. This was his contribution…


I worked until bedtime on Saturday, sorting papers, organizing things, and putting pictures back up. I even reorganized most of the closet, but I didn’t photograph it because it still looks messy.

And here is the result:

Bookshelf. Business-y stuff on the right, crafty and household stuff on the left.


Actual space for pretty things! Matthew bought me that rabbit sculpture on the day we had Xander <3


Prayer flags from Goddess Leonie, standing work station, which I use about half the time, and you can *just* see part of my Right-Brain business plan by the blue curtain on the right.
Xander’s standing workstation…he’s “playing Minecraft” on the alarm clock.


I LOVE how it looks. It feels so much better.

But here’s the Magical Secret: this was about SO MUCH MORE than spring cleaning the guest room.

To be honest, the mess in the guest room kind of felt like a metaphor for my approach to my blog-and-business-y stuff. I had plans and projects to do, but they kept getting crowded out of the way by random crap. Papers. Lego. Facebook. Massive life changes. Hairballs…no, wait, that was the guest room, not the blog. As far as I know… 

The point is that my dreams were drowning in random pieces of crap that needed to be cleared out and put away. I needed time and space for action.

Last night I tried the office out for the first time, and this afternoon Matthew gave me a block of time to work as well. So far in this office, I have edited an e-book (not mine), recorded a movement meditation (that one’s mine, and more on that soon), created the beginnings of a new website, and danced for half an hour.

…Most of which I’d been planning to do for the past month or more. Clearing the guest room and making physical space for my work is allowing me to clear out my back-logged to-do list and make energetic space for more creativity and bigger projects.


This is my magic room, my business sanctuary, the place where Creations Will Be Made Real. I’ve only been in here for a couple of days, but I pretty much never want to leave.

SO HAPPY in my office space…and the cats seem happier too!


We’re going to have to find somewhere else to keep the shopping cart…

6 thoughts on “Making Space for Magic”

  1. Looks good! Even better, glad you’re ENJOYING and USING it now. That’s awesome.

    I suggest putting the shopping cart back down in the garage. 😉

  2. Love. This. Post.

    I keep glancing, embarrassed, at the mess I’ve made in the office. Happily, I do have a space for an actual office, sadly it’s all kinds of awkward space & super-crazy cluttered with stuff that my husband and I do and don’t use.


    Every time I look at anything in here, I feel weighted down. A sure sign that I gotta work that out. I *KNOW* how making physical changes opens up changes in various areas, and yet I keep putting off opening up the space in here… Weird?

    anyway, thanks again for the post and the pix…. Now go forth and rock it out! 🙂

  3. Thanks for this great post! I loved seeing all the photos! Doing something like this can make such a difference in the energy of a space, and it feels so good!

  4. Sweet! One of the first things I did when I got home from yoga teacher training was set up a sacred space to practice. It felt silly coming home after a month away and re-arranging being one of the first things I do (rather, than say, all my laundry or checking email, saying hi to people), but I knew that to preserve the practice and retain everything I had just received/gained, I would first need the physical space. It’s amazing what a clean, organized, inspiring space can do. Let the creating begin!

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