Footage Friday: Love Letter

Happy Friday!

Today I have two things for you. The first is a link to my guest post over at Invincible Summer, where I wrote about using movement to break through writer’s block. Check it (and the rest of Jess Morrow’s beautiful site) out here.

Second, it’s Footage Friday! Hooray!

The song I used today can be found on It’s a remix by Nethis of a song by State Shirt, and I ADORE it. You can download it here (I’m using it under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-commercial License).

Consider this my love letter to you…and to the dance.


Have a great weekend!



9 thoughts on “Footage Friday: Love Letter”

  1. hot damn…. you are so crazy adorable it makes me smile so HUGE to see you!!! Love that you move *so* freely…. i want to be able to do that too!! You’re such a fab role model <3

  2. I am so glad I came by for this visit! The most beautiful thing I have seen today so far was your smile! Your video made me ready to close this laptop and go outside and dance! MWAH lovely lady!

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