August Break: Catching up with Aug 1-4

OK, I admit it, I am still reeling from the fact that it’s already August. I MOVE in August. Like, INTO A HOUSE. …I currently have 5 boxes packed. Eep.

ANYWAY…this month I am playing along with Susannah Conway’s August Break. The basic idea: you post a photo (or more) on your blog each day in the month. Or Monday-Friday. Or whenever, really. There aren’t hard and fast rules (which is why I’m not guilting myself about not posting these daily…this will most likely be a trend. You’ve been warned).

The whole point is to practice mindfulness by looking at the world through your camera.This intrigued me, because I often feel like people use their cameras as a way to distance themselves from events and experiences (viewing things through the lens/viewfinder instead of in person).

But this feels different…I’ve noticed myself on the lookout for things to photograph, and it’s actually kept me MORE present during my day…which, you know, seems like the entire point. It kind of feels like my Noticing practice—I think the practices compliment each other well.

So here, without further ado, are my photos so far. I couldn’t choose just one for each day, so you get two. Enjoy!

Aug 1

August 1st and 2nd were cool and rainy, a nice break from the unusual heat Nova Scotia’s been experiencing this summer. Xander and I celebrated by going outside for a raindance. He thought it was HILARIOUS.

AUG 2:

On the 2nd, we took all of Matthew’s Dungeons and Dragons figures and created, in Xander’s words, “an epic battle!” Here you see the “bad guys” ranged and ready to fight a row of dragons.

And here he is enjoying the rain again. And yes, he’s wearing the same shirt from the day before. He’s 3. It happens. 😛

AUG 3:

Eddie, our long-haired cat, has decided that it’s worth coming out of hiding when Xander’s awake because he gets lots of attention from me. I guess in his mind it’s worth the potential of being lightly mauled by Xander. Here he is. Isn’t he beautiful?

Lego is pretty much Xander’s favourite thing ever. He’s inherited all of my family’s old Lego, plus a bunch of new stuff from last Christmas. We spent a lot of time building stuff on the 3rd. I love the bright colours in the Lego bin!

AUG 4:

Today we drove across the bridge to Dartmouth and got supper at Cheese Curds, a new-ish gourmet burger joint that’s getting to be pretty well known in these parts.

I *meant* to take a photo of the awesomeness that was my burger and onion rings, but this was one instance where I was too focused on enjoying the food to remember to photograph it beforehand. So you get this instead. This is the view of the Bedford Basin as you come off of the bridge on the Halifax side (on the way home).

And this is the view from the other direction—the Halifax dockyards (one of them, anyway).

I’m going to keep my camera close by as I make my way through this month. I can’t promise to post every day, but I do promise to check in periodically and keep you up to date. I also promise not to post too many pictures of packing (although I can’t promise none…)

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