Moving House and Cleaning House

We’re moving on the 31st. Into a house. Into our first house.


The process of packing has been extra-meaningful for me this time around. There’s the weeding out of garbage and stuff that I don’t want to take with me. What’s useful, meaningful, and beautiful? That stuff goes in the boxes. What’s worn out, unused, or ugly? Buh-bye. It gets thrown out, donated, or sold on kijiji.


And then (and this is new) there’s the careful selection of things to add to the mix. We needed appliances, and we took a lot of time figuring out which ones we wanted. And now I’m completely tickled when I think about seeing them and using them every day (hello, red washer and dryer, I’m looking at YOU!).

Some things needed replacing, and that was fun. We got the chance to change things completely. It was time to replace my well-loved (and completely filthy) bright red living room set. Instead of getting another red set, we ordered one in blue. It’s going to change the living room completely, and I LOVE it!

As I’m going through this process of weeding and pruning and thoughtful replacing, I’m finding myself doing similar things in other parts of my life. I’m in the process of switching computers, and I’m being very selective about which files are making the switch and which are being stored on a hard drive.

And it’s not just about possessions, either. This process is happening in EVERY area of our lives. Bad habits and unhealthy routines are coming to light and practically BEGGING to be weeded out. We’re making plans about the things we want to change as soon as we move.

…And I’m working on a grand and glorious housecleaning here on the website.

I’m re-categorizing my blog posts to make navigation easier. I’m changing up the sidebar. And I’m going to be updating my Offerings page with some works-in-progress very soon.

In short, I’m figuring out what to hold on to, what to add, and what to let go of on this site as well. And it’s going to be AWESOME.

This isn’t going to happen overnight. My main focus in the next 2 weeks needs to be packing and moving into the house. But if you see things changing a bit around here, that’s what’s going on. And there may be pages under construction and stuff like that while I get things organized. Just so you know.

Here’s to new adventures!


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