My dream (in more than one sense)

I had a dream last night.

But it wasn’t my average dream. It was practically REAL, and it helped me in ways I’d never expect from a dream…

I ran into a friend of a friend. She was a creative spirit with an exuberant and joyful personality, but she struggled when it came to expressing herself through dance (It took the first half of the dream to establish all this, but I’m trying to keep to the point here!). She was going through a rough phase of personal transition, and she knew that it would really help if she could dance.

I offered to give her an Embodied Movement Coaching session (which is a new one-on-one service I’ve been testing…and which I’ve been terrified to talk about up until now). And I immediately began to plan the session out loud (because, hello, dream!).

“Alright,” I said, “We’ll start with some grounding. Really get your feet grounded on the earth so you’re IN your body. Then we’ll start at your head and we’ll do an exercise to help you warm up and free your body joint by joint all the way to your feet. And then we’ll start at your fingertips and we’ll dance part by part until you’re right at your centre. Then we’ll play with movement and see how it feels. Is there a song that you really want to dance to?”

She picked one, and I asked her to bring it to the session. Which, frankly, has been one part of the coaching concept that’s been worrying me. Solution: found.
And the thing is…as I was thinking out loud in the dream, I was doing the movements I was talking about. And I felt better as I was doing them. And I knew with absolute certainty that this would help her, and that it would work and that it was something came naturally to me…that I could make a plan to help anyone who wanted it.

It was pretty much the best dream ever.

I mean, I’ve left out some things, like how we met at an event to raise money for prostate cancer awareness…where people stood in a crowd and chanted “Prostate prostate prostate”…but yeah.

A dream. In more than one sense.

Have you ever had a dream that helped you deal with something in real life? This is a new experience for me, and I’d LOVE to hear your stories!


9 thoughts on “My dream (in more than one sense)”

    1. I’ve never really gotten anything from dreams up until now. Not in this kind of clear, laid-out way. But I started using Leonie’s Divine Dreaming Meditation TWO nights ago. I didn’t expect anything to come of it other than maybe getting to sleep faster. But seriously? It’s freaking MAGICAL.

  1. Wow, that’s some powerful word-of-mouth advertising for the Dreaming Meditation! I had a dream once where a friend verbalized to me something that I had known all along but refused to acknowledge. The way she said it in the dream was so clear, precise, and articulate and I woke up remembering it clear as day. It stuck out because most times in dreams I do not remember the exact wording of what people say to me/I say to them.

    1. Oh, wow! That’s really cool!
      I’m the same way. If I remember anything, it’s usually more about the story in general. My viewpoint tends to shift around too, so sometimes I’m me and sometimes I’m not. This one was SO different.

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