Taking Root

We’re done.

We packed the boxes. We threw out the junk.

We signed the papers. We picked up the keys.



The movers and cleaners and phone guys and appliance guys and furniture guys have come and gone.

And suddenly we’ve gone from this…


To this…


It’s been over a week. The boxes aren’t all unpacked yet. But from the very first day, I’ve felt at home here, and the feeling keeps getting stronger.

There’s a spaciousness here (even though I’m pretty sure it’s smaller than our last apartment). There’s a sense of community and connectedness. There’s groundedness and presence and gratitude. There’s a feeling of permanence, of putting down roots and building a legacy.

And as the days pass and we settle in, I’m starting to feel dreams and possibilities blooming and growing in ways I’ve never experienced before. Oh, the things I will do in this house. The dreams I will dream, the ideas I’ll make real, the dances I’ll dance.

I know I’ve been quiet on the blog since we moved, but I just wanted to tell you that I’m still here. Growing and blossoming and grounding down into this beautiful earth. Astounded by the magic that surrounds me.

Soon I’ll be back on the blog, making new videos, building my website, growing my business. And it will be beautiful.

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