A post 3 months in the writing…

Hello, gorgeous!

I’ve been wanting to write this post for 3 months. Wanting and hesitating and leaning in and leaning out–it’s been a wilderness of vacillation over here. I wanted to share because I’ve been undergoing a massive transformation and that’s the kind of thing I like to blog about…I worried about sharing because I don’t want people to feel preached at or like I’m turning into “a diet blog.”

Rest assured that I am not, and never will be, a diet blog. I’m all about feeling awesome inside and out, and I think that can happen at absolutely any size.

But here’s my story:

For a long, long time I dealt with lower body pain. I thought it was because I didn’t move my body very much or because I needed to stretch more. I thought it was a holdover from ballet days past. I suffered with it, sometimes without noticing, sometimes to the point of limping through my day and downing a Tylenol or Advil before bed so I could sleep. It wasn’t mind-blowingly bad, but it was uncomfortable. I ached.

In October, right around my birthday, my husband announced that he was “going primal.” We’d tossed around the idea of primal eating in the past, but only in a “we should totally do that, but it seems really hard–how do people manage this?” kind of way. This time he did it–no grains, no legumes, no sugar. And gradually, over the rest of October, I started following his example.

There was an uncomfortable transition period where I felt kind of crappy. And then about 3 weeks in I realized…I didn’t hurt any more. I didn’t ache, my muscles were less tight, I felt stronger–I could do more. It was a freaking miracle, people!

There have been other changes too–my body shape is changing faster than I ever thought possible, I’m slowly ditching the caffeine because my energy levels are more stable, and I don’t have the severe “blues” that I used to have (not to the same extent anyway). But the absolute #1 biggest and most life-changing development is the lack of pain and the feeling of connection with my body.

It’s a weird revelation for me–I knew intellectually that what I ate affected how I felt, but I’ve always thought that movement was more important (there’s a reason I’m a movement teacher and not a nutritionist). But now I have to admit that what you eat can fundamentally change how you feel–and it can make you feel like someone entirely new.

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