100 Days of Dance

Have you seen this video?

I love the idea of dancing every day for a year, especially given my recent epiphany. And while I recognize the technical skill she acquired (the steps she learned) in that time, what really impresses me is how much more comfortable she clearly feels in her body by the end. I don’t mean “comfortable in her body” as in “looking good,” but as in “fully and joyfully inhabiting her physical container.”

Ever since I first saw the video, I’ve played with the idea of a daily dance practice. It’s something I’ve meant to do for ages, but something I never really managed to, you know, actually start. So back in mid-July, in the spirit of Doing, Not Just Thinking, and with this video as my inspiration, I set myself a challenge: dance every day for 100 days. 2 songs or 5 minutes per day minimum, because it feels doable and, let’s face it, that’s miles better than 0 songs or 0 minutes.

Here’s the catch: If I miss a day, I start back at the beginning. I’m on Day 5 of Take 3 so far, so I imagine that this project will take WAY longer than 100 days.

Because I realize that there will be days when I’m not feeling up to dancing or not in a place where I can really move, I’ve borrowed some rules from the Dance in a Year project above:

Practice every day, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. No exceptions. If I’m not feeling well, I’ll practice exercises that use only my fingers or arms. If I’m really sick, I’ll close my eyes, listen to music, and visualize myself dancing.

(In my case, since I’m not trying to learn a dance technique, I’ll do a freeform dance that uses only my fingers or arms. You get the idea)

I feel like this challenge is in the spirit of the “100 crappy paintings” challenges I’ve seen online, in that it doesn’t matter whether the painting (or the dancing) is “good,” it matters whether it gets done. And at the rate I’m going, I’ll be doing this “100 Days of Dancing” for well over 100 days total, so lots and lots and LOTS of dancing is gonna get done! Stay tuned for thoughts, updates, and some songs to inspire you. Now I need to go make Day 5 happen!

6 thoughts on “100 Days of Dance”

  1. This is so inspiring and makes me want to set a 100 days of writing challenge. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, you’re right, something is better than nothing.

    1. Right?! It’s made a HUGE difference for me! I’ve been going on and off since July 16th, and I FEEL different when I dance now (I’d go on, but I want to blog about it and really do it justice!). Do it do it do it! SO worth it!

    2. I think this is fantastic-100 days of Dance. I will come back and visit again. And I like what Cassandra says– a 100 day writing challenge would be amazing. I would love to join in on that.

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