In which I reclaim my original Word of the Year…

Want to know a secret?

The first Word of the Year I picked for 2013 was not ANY of the 9 words I ended up with. It was also, in retrospect, completely perfect.

From the beginning of my processing-the-past-year-envisioning-the-new-year session (which went from about December 15th, 2012 until January 15th, 2013) I felt very strongly that this year was going to be about creating systems that allow me and my family to live the lives we want to live. It was going to be about learning how to care for the house, creating rhythms and routines that nurtured and nourished us, about cleaning up my messes and caring for myself by doing my chores. The word I chose was Tend.

And then I second-guessed myself because it felt like I was “playing small”…and I ended up picking a bunch of words that seemed more inspiring and felt sort of right at the time…but not so much in hindsight.

“Tending” may seem boring and uninspiring…until you consider how crucial it is to devote regular time to things. You don’t have a yoga practice unless you do yoga most days. You don’t have a clean house unless you work to maintain it, you don’t have tasty veggies or beautiful flowers unless you weed the garden and nourish the plants you want to grow.

That’s really the metaphor for this word of the year: weeding the garden and tending the plants I want. The more I think about the past 8 months and the closer I get to integrating the year so far, the more I see this. I’m choosing what to devote time and energy to, what’s worth going after, what’s not. I’m realizing the value of ritual, routine, and habit, and I’m working on cultivating ones that work for me and my family.

So today I reclaim my Official Word of 2013. It’s Tend. And it’s the perfect word for my life right now.

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