A call from the Universe

I want to start out by saying that yes, this actually happened.

On Tuesday night I was about to get ready for bed, when my cell phone rang with an unknown number. This is a pretty unusual thing. Even more unusual: although it was bedtime and I was tired, I answered it.

It was a man with an accent who asked me if I was an energy healer. Non-plussed, I said no (there’s another blog post in here about not owning our titles and abilities), but that I helped people reconnect with their bodies through dance. The man was VERY excited and spoke very fast. He told me that he had received my phone number twice during meditation, and that whenever that happens he knows he needs to call it. He said that my energy had been blocked for a number of years, and that I had been struggling (so very very true), and he said that he was going to send me healing energy.

My alarm bells went off. “Oh no,” I thought, “this is some kind of scam.” But I played along. I agreed to light a candle and wait for him to call me back, which he did. I put him on speaker phone because I was thoroughly freaked out and I wanted Matthew to witness what was going on (he’s a very intuitive person, and I trust his instincts at times when I can’t get a hold on my own).

The man called back, and he and Matthew had a long conversation while I listened. Although he spoke to Matthew for most of the call, we both agree that the words were for me. Matthew found out that he was calling from Tibet and that he runs a healing centre in California. I waited for a sales pitch, but it didn’t come. He told me that I could be a healer, write books, open a healing centre—anything I wanted if I could move through my fear. People needed our gifts, were waiting for us to find them. He told us that the next 2 years would be amazing. He sent us blessings.

And he didn’t ask for anything.

After he got off the phone, the candle I had lit burned twice as high as it had before, and I knew that somewhere in the world a stranger was sending me blessings and light.

Strangers call, and I automatically assume it’s a sales pitch or a scam. I was on the alert for it. But this person asked for nothing except an open mind. I didn’t exactly give it to him right then, but it’s been opening ever since.

I’ve read the books and heard the interviews with people who say that the Universe is filled with magic, that we are all connected, and that help comes when we ask for it. I believed them long ago, but the past few years have been filled with inner struggles and blockages, and I lost my faith. But I’ve been crying for help for a long time now, consciously and unconsciously…and then I got a literal phone call to tell me that everything will be OK if I believe and trust and take action.

I asked for help, and the Universe answered. And I am so very, very grateful.

5 thoughts on “A call from the Universe”

    1. Also, don’t beat yourself up for being wary. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being cautious. A slow yes will leave you with less regrets than throwing caution to the wind outright.

  1. COLOR ME STUNNED! I have goosebumps and feel like crying!! This is soooo beautiful and amazing, Meg!! Seriously! You are such a magical, unique and intuitive soul…I can’t wait to see what unfolds for you as you move past the fear, and start trusting in your WOW! What an important message… Here’s to you owning your gifts and being part of oneness! Love and sparkles to you, lovely!

  2. I love hearing things like this. What a beautiful experience. I think we all need that little nudge, that little confirmation that something good is happening.

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