April Love: 1 and 2

This month I’m jumping back into blogging with Susannah Conway’s April Love.

April 1: My Morning View

Morning View

I wake up in my queen-sized bed. My GIANT 6.5-year-old boy is usually snuggled up beside me, having wandered in at about 4am. I sit up, reach over, and lift my still-new daughter, Charlotte, from her bassinet. She has a cold right now, so she snorts and grizzles and whines before settling down to nurse. I sit cross-legged on the bed, a pillow and baby draped across my knees, son curled up beside me, husband breathing deeply from across the room. This is my morning view.

April 2: Favourite Flowers


When summer comes to our neighbourhood, the lawns all around are carpeted in violets. I love walking in the warm sunshine and seeing their sweet purple-and-white faces and their heart-shaped leaves. I’ll never understand the obsession with lawns of pure grass…not when the alternative looks like this.

We’ve been suffering the winter to end all winters this year, with snow storms at least weekly (often more!) and 7-foot drifts of snow. This picture reminds me that the world won’t always be cold and white. Someday I’ll look out my window and see green again, and the only white on the ground will be flowers..

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