April Love: 11 and 12

Day 11: An Inspiring Person


This is my Gran (my dad’s mom). She raised 2 kids in wartime England while her husband fought in North Africa. When he divorced her and stayed in Africa, she managed as a single mum in the 40s/50s. In 1952, when my dad graduated from high school and was facing 2 years of mandatory military service, she packed up and moved with him to Canada. Later, she lived in San Francisco for a while, drove across the US with a friend, and later went to Bermuda to work (I’m not 100% clear on the timeline here, but her kids were grown up, so I’m guessing she was at LEAST 50 when she did this).

Gran was a sassy lady who wore a leopard print coat in her later years, and who famously stood in the garden, raised her head to the sky and yelled “OH, BUGGER AND FUCK!” (I don’t know what caused the outburst!). Here’s to you, Gran! I wish I could have met you!

Day 12: Evening Ritual


I’m in the bedroom by 8. Charlotte doesn’t like evenings, so nine times out of ten she’s screaming, and Matthew (bless him!) rocks her while I get my teeth brushed etc. I kiss my boys goodnight, and Matthew takes Xander to his room to put him to bed. Once I get Charlotte calm, I nurse her to sleep by the light of the salt lamp. I read (or check Facebook, let’s be honest) and then I put sleeping-baby in her bassinet, snuggle down in bed, and listen to an audiobook until I go to sleep. Goodnight!



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